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Nikolai Rudakov
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Nikolai Rudakov (Books)

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by Nikolai Rudakov

Pages: 175
Publisher: Nikolai Rudakov
Year: 1981
ISBN: 095935820X
ISBN: 978-0959358209

"In his book, Fiction Stranger Than Truth, Nikolai Rudakov wrote that the special theory's concept of length contraction is based on the Mendelssohnian concept that an observer should not take into account the time that it takes for a beam of light to travel through space.

"This excellent study of the metaphysical labyrinth of relativity was the first revelation to this author [Harold Aspden] that his (my) non-mathematical book 'Modern Aether Science' was, in 1973, branded by a reviewer as the work of a crackpot. The work did receive two critical reviews, one in Nature, and both naming the same reviewer, a strong and now well placed member of the relativistic aristocracy. This reviewer was no crank in the eyes of the Establishment; he had just had a book of his own published showing how relativity was consistent with the universe erupting from a pin point, expanding and then, as time reversed, contracting back into its initial singularity! Such is the arena in the modern struggle between we Davids and the relativistic Goliaths." - Harold Aspden

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