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Eric J. Lerner
local time: 2023-09-29 19:59 (-04:00 DST)
Eric J. Lerner (About)
World Science Database Profile
Research Scientist
Interests: Big Bang, Cosmology, Plasma, Electric Universe Age: 72

Eric John Lerner, President, Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Inc. advanced technology research, consulting and communications firm.

Scientific research in plasma physics and desalination. Developing advanced approach to economical fusion and new theories of quasars and cosmology. Since 1994 carrying out research of fusion and fusion propulsion funded by NASA through Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Development of Atomizing Desalination Process.

Over 600 articles published.



Designed experiment to test hypothesis that Dense Plasma Focus could achieve temperatures needed for proton-boron fusion. Developed theoretical model, designed electrodes, designed diagnostic equipment, including x-ray detector and filters, Rogowski coil. Actively participated in experiment including selection of experimental parameters, construction of heating apparatus for decaborane functioning. Analyzed resulting data. Demonstrated achievement of 200keV energies. Developed theory of magnetic effects that show feasibility of proton-boron fusion. Continued development of plasma cosmology theories.


Designed experiment to test theory of heating in DPF. Designed electrodes, experimental plan, participated in carrying out experiment, analyzed data.


Developed an original theory of quasars based on extrapolation from laboratory‑scale plasma instabilities in the dense plasma focus. Developed detailed theory of function of DPF. Proposed a theory of the origin of the large scale structure of the universe, also from plasma instability theory and the role of force free filaments. This theory led to the prediction of supercluster complexes, shortly before their discovery by R. Brent Tully.; Developed an original theory of the micro?wave background and the origin of light elements, accounting for both without need for a Big Bang. The microwave theory led to the prediction that there is absorption of RF radiation by the intergalactic medium, a prediction confirmed by observation in 1990.