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Dr. Sergey N. Arteha
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Dr. Sergey N. Arteha (Books)

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by Sergey N. Arteha

Pages: 224
Publisher: Editorial URSS, Moscow 2004; Publishing House LKI, Moscow 2007
Year: 2003
ISBN: 5-354-00545-0
ISBN: 978-5-382-00220-0

Websites: www.antidogma.ru

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The present book is devoted to systematic criticism of the fundamentals of the relativity theory (RT). The main attention is given to the new logical contradictions of RT, since presence of such contradictions brings "to zero" the value of any theory. Many disputable and contradictory points of this theory and its corollaries are considered in detail in the book. The lack of logical and physical grounding for fundamental concepts in the special and general relativity theory, such as time, space, the relativity of simultaneity etc., is demonstrated. A critical analysis of experiments that resulted in the generation and establishment of relativity theory is presented in the book. The detailed criticism of dynamical SRT concepts is also given in the book. The inconsistency and groundlessness in a seemingly "working" section of the relativity theory - the relativistic dynamics - is shown.

The given book can be of interest to students, post-graduates, teachers, scientists and all mans, that independently meditate on fundamental physical problems.