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Billy L. Farmer
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Billy L. Farmer Books

View count: 559
by Billy L. Farmer

Pages: 129
Publisher: Billy L. Farmer
Year: 1995; 2nd ed. 1997
ISBN: 0964998343
ISBN: 978-0964998346
ISBN: B000J35HS8
ISBN: B000K0F3E8

An ambitious attempt to rethink the structure and behavior of the universe from its gross features down to its microscopic underpinnings, Universe Alternatives can roughly be divided into two categories - total universe or cosmological speculations and a more basic section concerning simplified redefinitions of such things as light, mass, space and natural forces.  The cosmology section describes the large scale theoretical speculations that should come to mind as the Big Bang - expanding universe concept is replaced by an overall static model that will probably be envisioned as being unlimited in both size and age.  The much longer simplification section assumes that the universe is completely occupied by a single substance or entity having a very wide range of perceived forms.  This implies that space is not "empty" - rather, that space and mass are only two different phases or perceptions of a single entity. - Taken from the Preface

View count: 579
by Billy L. Farmer

Pages: 63
Publisher: Billy L. Farmer
Year: 1994