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Dr. Charles A. Yost
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Dr. Charles A. Yost Books

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by Charles A. Yost

Pages: 38
Publisher: Tesla Book Company
Year: 1983
ISBN: B000714NIW

Websites: www.electricspacecraft.com www.amazon.com/Tesla-Experiment-Lightning-Electrical-Resonance/dp/B000714NIW/ref=wl_it_dp?ie=UTF8&coliid=I1XRT2DKDG16UD&colid=1474UGHYBLDL0

In 1983 Charles Yost claimed to have replicated Tesla's discovery of lightning-induced standing waves in the spherically conducting terrestrial transmission line. This a first-hand account of the author's investigation of the signatures generated by natural atmospheric electrical discharges. It documents a successful attempt to find evidence of terrestrial resonance as Tesla claimed to have done in Colorado Springs in 1899.