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Joseph F. Cuny
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Joseph F. Cuny (Abstracts)
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  • Maxwell?s Equations: A Serious Flaw (2009) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Joseph F. Cuny   read the paper:

    Comparison of Maxwell?s Equations with Faraday?s work (the foundation of Maxwell) shows the equations do not describe electromagnetic waves; they only describe the associated field intensities. By contrast, Faraday?s work shows that an electromagnetic wave is a sequence of magnetically coupled photons where each photon is formed of a double loop (a figure eight) electric field with a magnetic field coating or sheath. The photons interact with and travel on Faraday?s electric fields that permeate otherwise ?empty space?. The physical size of a given photon depends on its energy and its interaction with the electric fields in the local environment. In addition, due to the magnetic sheath a photon can exchange energy with various atoms/ions. Finally there is a brief discussion of a critical difference between physical and mathematical waves, a difference known to many students but apparently forgotten by most scientists.

  • The Ultimate Paradox (2009) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Joseph F. Cuny   read the paper:

    A most interesting paradox has resulted from the work of two men; the first was a physicist while the second was an astronomer. According to Science, the first one proved that nothing can travel faster than light while the second showed that the most distant galaxies travel at the speed of light. Obviously nothing exists beyond those galaxies, beyond that distance of observation. The interesting aspect of this is that Science has now confirmed the belief of the medieval Church; the earth is the center of the universe!

  • Einstein?s Relativity (2005) [Updated 8 years ago]

    Einstein?s 1905 paper forms the philosophical foundation for all of relativity. Virtually all other material either ?explains? or applies the theory that is based on that paper, often with particular interest on the complex mathematics. This presentation is aimed at attempting to understand the original paper and why it was so important. To assure validity of the presentation there are only two types of references: basic physics and the paper ?On The Electrodynamics Of Moving Bodies?, the translation of his paper as published in the Dover paperback The Principle of Relativity.

  • A New Relativistic Paradox (2004) [Updated 3 years ago]

  • Gravity and the Expanding Universe (2003) [Updated 3 years ago]

  • The Photon and Its Aether (2002) [Updated 6 years ago]

    Faraday's concept of force lines is used to find the elusive aether of the late 1800's. Force lines were then used to develop the structure of the photon and its means of propagation. Finally a few cases of photon activity are described. It is seen that the photon travels as a 'wave' and is detected as a particle. It is also seen that its speed is dependent on the state of local matter and is not the absolute limitation postulated by Einstein.

  • A Refutation of Special Relativity (2002) [Updated 2 years ago]

  • Guest Commentary on El Nino (2002) [Updated 8 years ago]