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Dr. Waldyr Alves Rodrigues
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Dr. Waldyr Alves Rodrigues Books

View count: 9155
by Waldyr Alves Rodrigues

Pages: 445
Publisher: Springer
Year: 2007
ISBN: 3540712925
ISBN: 978-3540712923

Websites: www.ime.unicamp.br/~walrod

This book is a thoughtful exposition of the algebra and calculus of differential forms, the Clifford and Spin-Clifford bundles formalisms with emphasis in calculation procedures, and vistas to a formulation of some important concepts of differential geometry necessary for a deep understanding of spacetime physics. The formalism discloses the hidden geometrical nature of spinor fields. Maxwell, Dirac and Einstein fields, which were originally considered objects of a very different mathematical nature, are shown to have representatives as objects of the same mathematical nature, i.e. as sections of an appropriate Clifford bundle. This approach reveals unity in the diversity and also the many faces of the equations satisfied by those fields. Moreover, it suggests relationships which are hidden in the standard formalisms and new paths for research. Some foundational issues of relativistic field theories, in particular the one concerning the conditions for the existence of the conservation laws of energy-momentum and angular momentum in spacetime theories and many misconceptions concerning this issue is analyzed in details. - Amazon

View count: 763
by Waldyr Alves Rodrigues

Pages: 226
Publisher: Springer
Year: 1999
ISBN: 030646182X
ISBN: 978-0306461828

Websites: www.ime.unicamp.br/~walrod

The nonlocality phenomena exhibited by entangled quantum systems are certainly one of the most extraordinary aspects of quantum theory. This book discusses this phenomenon according to several points of view, i.e., according to different interpretations of the mathematics of the quantum formalism.

The several interpretations of the Copenhagen interpretation, the many worlds, the de Broglie-Bohm, quantum logics, the decohering by the environment approach and the histories approach interpretations are scrutinized and criticized in detail. Recent results on cryptography, quantum bit commitment, quantum erasers and teleportation are also presented and discussed. - Amazon

View count: 23470
by Waldyr Alves Rodrigues

Pages: 591
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Year: 1994
ISBN: 9810216017
ISBN: 978-9810216016

Websites: www.ime.unicamp.br/~walrod