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Ove Tedenstig
local time: 2023-09-27 14:03 (+01:00 )
Ove Tedenstig (About)
World Science Database Profile
Electronic Designer
Interests: Electromagnetism, Gravity, Quantum Theory Age: 80

Ove Tedenstig, the author of the new physical therory "Matter Unified". Main ideas of this theory have been published since 1981 with name "Absolute space theory" and "A new way to physics", that together with separate articles in different scientific papers.
The theory is based on some very fundamental laws of physics, Newtons second law of force, hydromechanical laws and some hypothetical assumtions of properties of vacuum space.

On this ground most of all fundamental laws of physics are derived. New insights in electromagnetism, gravitation, atomic quantum theory, the atomic core, the elementary particles and the basic nature of light are in this way offered.

The author is by profession working by advanced industrial research and development in electronic design.

ove.tedenstig@swipnet.se & ove.tedenstig@tele2.se inoperable as of 9/08.