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Commander Lawrence S. Myers
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Commander Lawrence S. Myers (Abstracts)
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  • Mankind's Greatest Hoax (2009) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Lawrence S. Myers   read the paper:

    The Earth was created in six days? This paraphrase from Genesis in the Bible may be surpassed in absurdity by fanciful "creation" theories in older civilizations of the world, but this belief has endured for 2,000 years without any physical evidence or logical reason to support it.

  • Science Is Off Course, But Scientists Don't Know It Yet (2008) [Updated 6 years ago]

    Science is on the threshold of the greatest paradigm shift since Copernicus, but the world?s scientists don't know it because they have been deceived for the past 250 years by Immanuel Kant's nebular hypothesis of creation of the Earth and Solar System (1755) -- the most basic and fundamental assumption in science. This deception created several problems in science, primarily Plate Tectonics theory and its mechanism of subduction. Unfortunately, adoption of subduction by the scientific community to maintain a static Earth diameter by subduction of an equal amount of older seafloor in the Pacific Ocean was one of the most egregious and avoidable errors in the history of science. Few scientists today are aware the Earth is rapidly growing externally and expanding internally, a fact with long-range implications for the survivability of humans on Earth. It is imperative that appropriate scientific organizations be tasked to confirm expansion and determine the rate of Earth's future growth and expansion as a matter of National Priority. Contrary to current belief, the Earth IS rapidly increasing in mass and diameter by daily accretion of meteorites and dust particles from outer space, a slow process called ACCREATION (creation by accretion) ("A Fundamental Revolution in Science", NPA Proceedings, 2006, pp. 191-199) The empirical evidence has been in plain sight for many years; evidence that is unequivocal and overwhelming, but which scientists have chosen to disbelieve since initial disclosure December 14, 1982, at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. (www.expanding-earth.org)

  • Gravity's Mysteries (2008) [Updated 1 decade ago]

    A FUNDAMENTAL REVOLUTION IN SCIENCE, presented in Tulsa, OK, in 2006, demolished the nebular hypothesis of Immanuel Kant that has misled scientists for 250 years, and replaced it with ACCREATION (creation by accretion) that accurately reflects the slow process of creation of the Solar System and its planets. This cosmology leads to further discoveries in the fundamentals of physics, both conventional and quantum. Gravity's mechanism intrigued me after discovering that spherical shape enables gravity to focus on the exact center of any planetary body. Observation that falling water drops become spherical, just as molten lead forms cannon balls when dropped from a height, suggests the mechanism of gravity is INTERNAL and the power of gravity is determined by the collective mass, or total (atomic?) weight of all atoms in any body. A corresponding gravitational effect may exist in the cloud of gas, dust, meteoroids and asteroids orbiting the Sun, but spacing of planets in the plane of the ecliptic suggests a collective gravitational power is projected in all directions, the intensity determined by the size and gravity of each body. This leaves unanswered the internal workings of the atom. Current theories of gravitons, electromagnetism, 'weak' and 'strong' forces, as somehow related to gravity are matters requiring much thought and experimentation. Also, the Hubble redshift as an indicator of increasing velocity at the outer edges of an Expanding Universe is illogical: the speed of light should be constant throughout the Universe. Logic suggests the red shift as a metric of distance.

  • Earth is Unquestionably Growing and Expanding (2008) [Updated 1 decade ago]

    The long-running debate about whether the Earth is expanding can finally be terminated. The verdict: The Earth is undoubtedly growing and expanding, and has been for its entire existence. Its age is impossible to know because a starting point cannot be deter-mined, but it will continue to grow and expand until it eventually reaches the size of Jupiter, and may become another Sun in the Uni-verse. The debate ended with the realization that all of today's oceans are relatively young (less than 250 million years old), although they now cover 71% of the planet, and have added 40% to its size. This is prima facie evidence the planet was much smaller 250 million years ago and could not have been created in its present size from a solar cloud of gas and dust about 4.6 billion years ago as postulated by Immanuel Kant in 1755 and now believed and taught by most scientists. Why this theory has been perpetuated for more than 250 years is a question the scientific community must think about. This new revelation automatically removes the rationale for invention of the false concept of subduction to maintain Earth at its present diameter! So, with one simple and logical insight both Kant's nebular hypothesis and the false concept of subduction are rendered null and void. Subduction has never been proved and is physically im-possible due to the countervailing internal pressure of tectonic force, a force greater than that of gravity, the mechanism that controls the Solar System and its planets.

    This article aka "Debate Over - Earth Unquestionably Growing and Expanding"

  • A Fundamental Revolution In Science (2006) [Updated 6 years ago]

    Kant's Nebular Hypothesis [i] of creation of the Earth and Solar System, the most fundamental assumption in science, has been false since its inception in 1755, and must be replaced by one that reflects the realities of what is observed in the Solar System. This paper presents a new theory of Accreation ('creation by accretion') to replace Kant's fallacious and misleading hypothesis. Accreation is a descriptive term that accurately describes how comets (the only solid bodies known to enter the Solar System) are captured by the Sun's gravity and form planets by a dual process of passive external accretion of mass (including solar energy) and dynamic internal expansion. These are the mechanisms of all planetary growth. In effect, Accreation is a perpetual universal recycling system that begins with supernova remnants (comets) captured by the Sun that become the nuclei and building blocks for new planets by gravitational accretion and amalgamation until they grow and expand into future suns and stars that eventually become supernovae and produce comets that continue the cycle in some distant galaxy or solar system. A new discovery also discloses that the algorithms used in processing geodetic data from Global Positioning System measurements were adjusted in 1993 to exclude data from sites showing anomalous height elevations. The data "zeroed out" is exactly the information needed to prove Earth?s diameter is increasing and thus refute the constant Earth diameter assumed by the fallacious Nebular Hypothesis.

  • Earth IS Expanding Rapidly: Kant's Nebular Hypothesis and Subduction are False (2005) [Updated 1 decade ago]

    Kant's Nebular Hypothesis (1755) is proved false by organic life in the lowest layers of the Grand Canyon, and that shows Earth's di-ameter has increased by accretion of extraterrestrial mass throughout its lifetime. Additional proof of expansion is shown by ocean trenches off Asia and Australia matching western coasts of North and South America, proving both Pacific and Atlantic Ocean basins formed during the same ~200-250 Ma time period, and confirmed by ocean sediment ages. This is conclusive evidence ~250 Ma NONE of today's oceans existed and Earth's diameter was ~40% smaller. Oceans now cover 71% of Earth and H2O degassed via mid-ocean ridges equaled basin growth. Subduction is physically impossible, and is the most egregious error in the history of science. ACCREATION (creation by accretion) is introduced showing all planetary bodies develop from comets that grow by accretion into meteoroids, asteroids, planets, and eventually Suns. At diameters of ~500-600 kilometers, all meteoroids become spherical, the critical point where gravity focuses omni-directionally on its exact center and gravitationally-generated compressive heating commences core melting and heat expansion. Core expansion rapidly overtakes external accretion as the primary mechanism of planetary growth.