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Fabrizio Pinto About
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Fabrizio Pinto worked for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and now is President and CEO of Interstellar Technologies Corporation, is a pioneer in zero point energy and propulsion. His patents include, "Method for Energy Extraction" US Patent #6,665,167, "Method and Apparatus for Energy Extraction" #6,477,028, "Method and Apparatus for Particle Acceleration" #6,593,566, and "Article Comprising a Casimir Force Modulator and Methods Therefor" #6,650527. His more recent work centers on a "Method and Apparatus for Controlling Dispersion Forces" #6,661,576 and this year, an "Apparatus Comprising of a Propulsion System" Patent Application Publication #2006/0027709 which discloses "a propulsion system that does not consume fuel." Dr. Pinto states, "Our mission is to develop the novel field of quantum vacuum engineering to its full commercial potential including its applications to much more efficient energy production, superfast nanoactuation, completely revolutionary aerospace propulsion, and targeted nanosurgery you could only dream about before." Dr. Pinto's complete abstract and bio is also online.