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Ronald R. Hatch
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Ronald R. Hatch (Books)

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by Ronald R. Hatch

Pages: 232
Publisher: Kneat Kompany
Year: 1992
ISBN: 0963211307
ISBN: 978-0963211309

Einstein's fame can, to some extent, be ascribed to the fact that he originated a theory which, though contrary to common sense, was in remarkable agreement the experimental data.  Ron Hatch claims there is increasingly precise data which contradicts the theory.  But he does not stop there.  He offers an alternative - an ether guage theory, which offers an unparalleled, common-sense explanation of the experimental data.  The new theory is distinguished by:

  • a return to time simultaneity, even though clocks (mechanical and biological) can run at different rates
  • the replacement of the Lorentz transformations with gauge transformations (scaled Galilean transformations)
  • a unification of the electromagnetic and gravitational forces
  • a clear explanation of the source of inertia
  • a clear and consistent explanation of the physics underlying the equivalence principle

In addition to the above, a comprehensive review of the experimental record shows that the new ether guage theory agrees with experiment better than the special theory.  This releases everyone from the necessity of accepting a nonsensical theory which denies the common, ordinary sense of elapsed time.   Rather than curved space, the ether guage theory postulates an elastic ether.  This results in relatively minor modifications to the general theory mathematics - but with significant interpretational differences. - From the endpiece

View count: 1
by Ronald R. Hatch

Pages: 328
Publisher: Pacific Meridian Publishing Company
Year: 1973
ISBN: 0686576527
ISBN: 978-0686576525
ISBN: B0006W26BI
ISBN: B000P7OH16

The Long Day of Joshua and Six Other Catastrophesis is a fascinating study of catastrophism in ancient times before 700 B.C. This study has been acclaimed as one of the most startling and important scientific concepts of the 20th Century.

The reader is presented with overwhelming evidence that, for an era of 1700 years, another planet (Mars) repeatedly, or cyclically, made a close fly-by near (or through) the Earth-Moon system. The cycle of ancient near fly-bys averaged once every 54 years.

The fact emerges that the Biblical story of the Long Day of Joshua, far from being an impossible myth, is an accurate, historical account of an event that really happened - an event that can well be described as A PRECESSION OF THE EARTH'S PLANETARY SPIN AXIS.

Men from many locations on the Earth reported that the Sun departed from its normal path across the heavens, as did the Moon. A contemporary scientist might explain this event as a relocated North Pole, along with a retilted spin axis. These are both part of the spin axis precession phenomena. It would be difficult to have an informed discussion on such topics as ANCIENT HISTORY, RELIGION or COSMOLOGY itself without some knowledge of the facts and theories in this provocative book.