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Dr. Uma Y. Shama
local time: 2023-12-05 14:23 (-04:00 DST)
Dr. Uma Y. Shama (About)
World Science Database Profile
Professor of Mathematics
Interests: Gaussian Dynamics

Dr. Uma Shama is a professor of mathematics and computer science at Bridgewater State College and is co-director of the college's GeoGraphics Laboratory. A native of Bangalore, India, she was the youngest of four children (she has one older sister and two older brothers).

Dr. Shama earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics from Bangalore University. She earned a second master's degree from the University of Connecticut in 1985 and her Ph.D. from that same university in 1987. Dr. Shama joined the college faculty in 1987 and in 1991 was appointed the first faculty co-director of the college's Center for the Advancement of Research and Teaching (CART). In 1996, she joined Mr. Larry Harman as co-director of the GeoGraphics Laboratory, which works with state and federal agencies on transportation issues.

In 2007, Dr. Shama was awarded a Presidential Award for Distinguished Teaching and Honors Outstanding Faculty Award from the college in recognition of her continuing teaching, research and service to the institution. She lives in Bridgewater with her husband and son.