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Scott M. Tyson
local time: 2023-10-01 00:26 (-06:00 DST)
Scott M. Tyson (About)
World Science Database Profile

Visionary physicist, engineer, scientist, researcher and inventor SCOTT M. TYSON has dedicated most of his 30-year career to probing the far-reaching mysteries of the universe, boldly venturing where few men dare to tread and forever changing how people view the world around them. And he has 15 patents in space technology to prove it.

Tyson spent his high school years on Long Island mesmerized by quantum mechanics, relativity and philosophy, while pretending to be a healthy, normal teenager. After graduating from Johns Hopkins University with an engineering degree, he began his trailblazing career at IBM's VLSI Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories and Westinghouse's Advanced Technology Laboratory. Responsible for the implementation of new microelectronics approaches, Tyson also served as an advisor to the Office of the Secretary of Defense on space computing technology development and planning, as well as for congressional delegations to accelerate the advancement of meaningful and effective space electronic solutions.

Long-recognized as a pioneering problem-solver and "big picture" futurist in the development of sustainable strategies, Tyson's groundbreaking advances have distinguished him as a change agent in his field. He has published and presented his innovative theories on the future of spacecraft technology at numerous international conferences and professional seminars, establishing meaningful new visions for the space electronics community.

His remarkable ability to integrate seemingly disparate concepts and insights into meaningful and practical solutions and contexts ultimately led to a second career as an author. In his riveting first book, The Unobservable Universe, Tyson deconstructs scientific philosophies to systematically unravel the inconsistencies and assist readers in understanding the puzzling paradoxes of modern science that indicate an incomplete, flawed perception of their world.

Through his thought-provoking yet down-to-earth approach, he builds a compelling new paradigm within a simple, cohesive framework, preparing readers for an inevitable cultural shift that will enable the acceptance of technological change and fundamentally refine the views of laymen and cosmologists alike.

Tyson lives with his wife, Janna, in Albuquerque, NM, where he continues to explore the inner workings of the universe with the same unequivocal passion and fascination of his youth while demystifying it for the rest of humanity.