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Nainan K. Varghese
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Nainan K. Varghese Books

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by Nainan K. Varghese

Pages: 350
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing LLC
Year: 2010
ISBN: 1450556264
ISBN: 9781450556262

Websites: https://www.createspace.com/3428742 www.matterdoc.info

Current knowledge about gravitation is limited only to a part of its dynamic actions on three-dimensional matter bodies. So far, no attempts to discover the nature and real actions of gravitation have succeeded. Primary obstacles in the way of a realistic theory on gravitation are the deep-rooted conviction in 'action at a distance' through empty space and the neglect of static aspects of gravitation.

This book is a compilation from the revolutionary alternative concept described in the prior published book 'Hypothesis on MATTER'. It provides a new and better understanding about the true nature of gravitation.

Gravitation, according to this concept, is a push action by the universal medium on matter. Sole aspect of gravitation, known currently - the gravitational (apparent) attraction between individual matter bodies - is only a byproduct of distinct gravitational actions on separate bodies and it originates from the all-encompassing universal medium rather than from the matter bodies themselves. Main functions of gravitation are creation, conservation and obliteration of 3D matter in the universe. All natural forces are shown to originate from gravitational actions and thus proving that their diversity to be merely an apparent phenomenon. This concept establishes that there is no 'action at a distance' and all natural forces are same.