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Massimo Odasso
local time: 2023-09-21 13:21 (+01:00 )
Massimo Odasso (About)
World Science Database Profile
semiconductor engineer
Interests: Galilean Physics, Molecular Biology, Affiliated to Airc Association Italian Research Cancer as Promotion Member Age: 61

I graduated in Electronic Engineer in 1983 at Turin Polytechnic. I went by all my working age far from any academic organization or public companies. I spent my younger years in the prestigious Electronic Typewriters design department of Olivetti multinational company. Digital and analog hardware and real time firmware were the areas where my project activity was focused. At the forty years turn around I started a new challenging experience into another multinational company that this time makes business in the semiconductors market. My role was firstly Reliability Manager of a branch of Telecom products and after a few years I went in my actual role. That is Quality Assurance for dedicated strategic customers. It is a managerial activity oriented to keep the dedicated important customer well aware of the development progress of the products that are going to be delivered to him.

Why a guy that was till now fortunately (at least for me J !) spending his life in economical productive activities was attracted by what I personally baptized a fatal attraction for The New Galilean Age? The following is my explanation. There are fields in the personal knowledge that were simply and passively accepted due to some higher priorities that life assigns to everybody. Firstly the university exams need to be passed in historical times, lately there is the job to absorb most of our attentions. But that you will or not, before or later some disrupting paradoxes or even never deeply understood scientific paradigms come back to claim some more meditation. Note that this sounds like a new challenge in the sport you practiced till a certain point; when you suddenly realized that it was not the right training method. So the time for meditation came for me. When curiosity (this is the genuine spring that activates any human effort) definitively pulled me, then I dedicated one year of my life to organize in various free times (late evenings, weekly dedicated running hours, travel times) my classic ideas in a revenged New Galilean Age as I am calling the eBook that I am proposing to any kind of open mind worldwide guy that could accept to discuss my physics and related philosophy. What was the trigger event to start this? The scare felt, after impressing lecture of a famous Italian scientist notes done on this same Natural Philosophy Alliance Site, when his proposed mathematical paradigm appeared to me to cause some major physical ambiguities that surely do not belong to Reality. By the way I apologetically think to have recovered the most of the bottom line good sense philosophy I learnt by reading the notes of mentioned great scientist. I am available to go in deep of these things with members that will be eventually interested to discuss with me. Anyway this trigger event was the solely responsible of The New Galilean Age that I am actually proposing to you attention. I hope you will not be bored and some of you will dedicate to me some time to feed back your kind critics.