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John S. Wolfe
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John S. Wolfe (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: January 19, 1983)
Interests: Inertial Propulsion Age: 69

John Sohn Wolf(e) is credited by Bruce de Palma "for the independent development of the theory of the relationship of inertial to gravitational mass of a precessing gyroscope, and to whom the terms "mass field effect" and "streptation", are credited. Mr. Wolf is on of the pioneer investigators in this new field of inertial mechanics." - Generation of Unidirectional Force

On another page, dated 1995, de Palma spells his name with an "e":

"Trinics, the calculus of three dimensional motion is in its infancy. The inventor of this calculus is John Sohn Wolfe, now deceased, and his book is: Neo-Principia Mathematica, as yet unpublished.

"It is now recognized there are three classes of motion, i.e. translation, rotation, and streptation. Streptation includes precession, nutation, and higher orders of three dimensional motion." - Notes on the Faraday Disc