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Robert F. Beck
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Robert F. Beck (Abstracts)
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  • Can Physics Help to Verify Other Evidence of Reincarnation? (2012) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Robert F. Beck   read the paper:

    Evidence has recently come to my attention in support of the possibility of reincarnation, including serious, long term, extensive research, by someone clearly respected in his field. This paper sets out this evidence and looks to physics contained in my recent papers and other studies for any further justification of the possibility. Death is a natural phenomenon; birth is a natural phenomenon. Scientific evidence strong enough to suggest a link needs to be investigated via further science, rather than by categorizing the subject via the unhelpful term, ?paranormal', the relevance of which is discussed, or worse still, by allowing religious belief to influence such categorization. Evidence is presented to suggest that in some cases, what has been termed ?paranormal' might be explained by simple physical processes at the smallest level.

  • The True Meaning of Einstein's Relativity (2012) [Updated 9 years ago]
    by Robert F. Beck   read the paper:

    This paper examines the extent to which an interpretation of Einstein's relativity suggested in The Special Theory of Reality might provide clearer answers in areas such as gravity, quantum mechanics, string theory and particle physics generally. The extent to which the simple concepts of rings of tiny particles and rings of such particles becoming spirals suggest explanations and solutions in the area of particle physics specifically is explored and explanations suggested for all four fundamental forces. Most significantly, a description and unrealized properties of the Higgs boson are presented, and explanations are suggested for the very nature of quantum mechanics and string theory in the context of what is suggested as the true meaning of relativity. An explanation for the significance of specific frequencies in new energy and health technologies is also suggested.

  • Verifying Evidence for the Predictions of The Special Theory of Reality (2011) [Updated 4 years ago]
    by Robert F. Beck   read the paper:

    The Special Theory of Reality was formulated from October 2003 on and first published in e-book (2004) and paperback (2005) form towards the end of 2004 and early 2005. In shortened form it was submitted to and considered by the NPA in 2006, with mass, general relativity, gravity and anti-gravity explored further in an NPA paper of 2007. The 2006 paper was very long because it covered a very wide range of phenomena (too long for inclusion in paper form in the proceedings) and contained a long and diverse list of predictions, some supported by experimental, observational and other evidence. This paper summarizes all such evidence gathered to date, firstly as set out in the 2007 paper, with clarifications. The work of over 40 others is now cited.

  • A Heuristic Paper on the Nature of Mass (2007) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Robert F. Beck   read the paper:

    This paper restates the thought experiments that led me to conclude the fundamental initial dependence of mass upon spin (simple rotation of elementary particles) that led to my conclusions regarding the gyroscopic structure of particles that imparts measurable mass (as set out in The Special Theory of Reality as submitted to NPA, Tulsa 2006), and goes on to examine the experimental and observational evidence for this conclusion, including new evidence that has come to my attention since the Tulsa conference. Such evidence is, in part, highly controversial, even to the extent of implying the corruption of the scientific process, and also introduces new concepts to the scope of observational evidence that are defended as appropriate in the ultimate goal of truth, in what may be the most significant realization in the history of science (alien presence, and long-term application of anti-gravity technology on the planet). The fundamental conclusion implies polarity in the inertial effect of spin that was clearly demonstrated by Professor Eric laithwaite, in what may have become one of the most shameful episodes in modern science. I suggest that this explains the motion of neutrinos and anti-neutrinos that thus may form the basis of particle, field and radiation structure, which also may explain the fundamental nature of quantum mechanics, general relativity and string theory. Precisely what Einstein was intending to convey about gravitational fields is analysed, with several quotes, with the clear conclusion that he envisaged more than one type of field. I also cite the experiments of the late Dr. Bruce DePalma and others with gyros and spinning balls (that imply inertial effects of spin) but which need to be repeated in improved form.

  • The Special Theory of Reality (updated/revised) (2006) [Updated 9 years ago]
    by Robert F. Beck   read the paper:

    My paper is based on extracts from my book (ebook and paperback ? see www.einsteins-revolution.com) of the same title with further clarifications that will appear in my second book to be published soon. They are thus of an informal nature, but written primarily for the scientific community. My theory stems from a logical analysis of the true meaning and nature of the concepts of time, energy, space and mass. This is approached in a quite similar way to Einstein, with thought experiments, but I conclude that Einstein was wrong in his assumption that mass increases with speed, and that for radiation, the reverse is true; and that the constancy of c and time dilation have simple explanations without paradox when time is understood correctly as no more than relative spin. I also conclude that relativity is universally misinterpreted now because energy has to be relative and thus a property of matter as opposed to a separate entity, and because dimensions do not change. It is rather that considering them to change is a useful way of describing curved or relative motion. They thus describe the rotation of the universe and the galaxy, which are components of all orbits and either in part or in whole, are responsible for the illusion of expansion. But at the smallest level, such curvature of motion in neutrinos, which gives helicity, together with the understanding of a basic component of mass dependent on spin, give a clear and simple view of mass/energy equivalence, quantum general relativity, and the current notion of curled up extra dimensions. This leads to an explanation for the very nature of quantum mechanics and aspects of string theory in a way that offers clear visualization of the structure and behavior of particles, forces and radiation, all based on rings and spirals of neutrinos (or possibly even smaller particles). For string theorists this means the unthinkable: strings are made of particles! For gravity, the emission of gravitons in the form of spirals of neutrinos, quite similar to the emission of photons, provides a mechanism to confirm and explain Newton's inverse square law. This means that singularities are impossible and that black holes are self-regulating and quite probably the source of BMR. Explanations for star, galaxy and solar system formation are suggested. One very important aspect of my findings and related research is that antigravity has to be possible, which has huge implications for climate change and the energy crisis. This work is supported by experimental and observational evidence related to twisted light, the gravitational effects of eclipses, WMAP, SOHO, the relativistic heavy ion collider at Brookhaven, the Hutchison effect, records of human levitation and by computer simulation.

  • Evidence of the Greatest Crime Ever Against Humanity? (2006) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Robert F. Beck   read the paper:

    Technology that could have prevented climate change has been potentially available for half a century, but has deliberately been suppressed for reasons that are no longer valid and represent self-interest that globally is criminally negligent. Such action, if continued in the light of these now apparent consequences, would amount to the greatest ever crime against humanity, and of course, arguably, maybe the greatest ever sin.  This report sets out the evidence that I have recently become aware of and my own particular reasons for considering the possibility of its validity.