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Michael W. Ovenden
Michael W. Ovenden (Abstracts)
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  • Recent Advances in Science (1952) [Updated 7 years ago]
    by Michael W. Ovenden   read the paper:

    The solar eclipse of 1952 February 25. - From the beginning of January last, the town of Khartoum. in the Sudan saw the influx of a large number of astronomers whose purpose was to observe the total eclipse of the sun on 1952 February 25. In all, there were SOIne 18 different expeditions, and the opportunity of such a gathering for the discussion of eclipse problem.s was taken by the arranging of a number of colloquia on the various problems to be tackled on this occasion. A brief account of these meetings has been published by M. K. AIy of Helwan Observatory (Observatory, 72, 63, 1952) and provides a useful summary of the diverse methods of observation now used at eclipses.