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Dr. Milo M. Wolff
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Dr. Milo M. Wolff (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: October 15, 2015)
Physicist, Astronomer
Interests: Astronomy, Cosmology, Quantum Theory Age: 92

Dr. Milo Mitchell Wolff is a physicist, astronomer, and explorer of the wondrous cosmology of the universe. He has worked for MIT, Aerospace Corporation, the United Nations, as well as taught as a professor of physics at the University of Singapore, U. of Kentucky, U. of Indonesia, and U. of Srilanka. He received his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania and an honorary doctorate from the U of Srilanka. Wolff was a member of the National Academy of Science to investigate bio-energy. He was a member of the MIT team that designed the Apollo Moon-landing system and was commended by NASA for successful achievement. He was chief of Science and Technology with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa.

  • Family: s. Ralph Bernard and Ruth Townsend (Mitchell) W.; m. Lie Ching; children: Eric, Jennifer, Douglas, Winston, Lanling.
  • Education: BS, Upsala Coll., 1948; MS, U. Pa., 1953; PhD, U. Pa., 1958; DSc, U. Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, 1992.
  • Certification: Registered profl. engr., Calif., Ariz.
  • Avocations/Research/Interests: Achievements include research in polarized light from small planets and asteroids, electromagnetism and optics, electronic engineering, mechanics, and fundamental particles.
  • Civil/Military Service: With USNR, 1944-46.
  • Memberships: IEEE (sr. mem.), Am. Phys. Soc., Am. Astron. Soc., Sigma Xi.


  • Positions Held: physicist, Technotran Press, Manhattan Beach, Calif., 1980; chief sci. and tech., dir. Computer Ctr., Econ. Commn. for Africa, UN, 1975-77; mem. tech. staff, Aerospace Corp., LA, 1972-75; prof. physics, U. Singapore, 1970-72; prof. physics, U. Sri Lanka, 1966-68; physicist, MIT, Cambridge, 1963-69.
  • Career-Related: mem. adv. team NSF, Pakistan, 1984; vis. astronomer Obs. Paris, 1979; vis. prof. space navigation and computers Nanjing (People's Republic China) Inst. Tech., 1980.


I urge you to join the exciting and fascinating exploration of matter, the natural laws, and the universe. You may become a famous pioneer and, at the least, you will have fun!