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T. B. Bon
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The Theory of Field Interaction

T. B. Bon[Updated 9 years ago]

Sometimes ? when we don't appear to be finding the truth, or perhaps, there are just too many holes and questions...

It becomes prudent to step back and begin to re-examine concepts and ideas that we may have thought that we already knew.

There must needs be a conceptual understanding as well ? and NOT just a mathematical one. Until, and unless, such happens ? we will not, cannot, fully and properly understand the truth of Reality. We will not truly be able to understand HOW the world and Universe around us really work, or WHY they work as they do!

This is a conceptual treatise ? and is a sincere and earnest attempt to get closer to such an understanding.

This treatise covers a lot of territory, and there are many interactions involved between different aspects of the concepts that are covered ? which may seem to make it rather complex. Just remember that Reality also tends to be rather complex and interactive, so it would be quite natural that the concepts and their interactions would likewise tend to be relatively complex as well. Moreover, it should become clear that some of the concepts, as presented, would be somewhat obscure for direct observation. That would be a very good reason for their having remained unrecognized for so very long.

In an effort to try to establish a reasonably common basis for all readers, there is a significant amount of preliminary discussion in the book ? some of which may seem obvious or unnecessary (at least to some). Please, I would encourage each reader to go through that material anyway, for there would very likely be some, possibly subtle, points which would later make a correct understanding of the presentation easier to comprehend properly. The better those preliminary points are correctly understood, the clearer the subsequent discussions should be for the reader.

The purpose of this treatise is to inform. This is a sincere effort to convey ideas regarding Reality that I sincerely feel get substantially closer to the truth of how things really work.

Please ? just read it. I sincerely hope that you can comprehend what is written herein ? and then let the concepts and ideas speak for themselves. It is an adventure ? for it is almost certain to be quite significantly different from anything else that you have ever read before. It is not a passive read ? you will have to think about what is said. I hope that this will be as fun of an adventure, and as exciting to contemplate for the insight that it brings for you, as it has been for me.

Best regards,
T. B. Bon

For your reference:

Theory of Field Interaction ? Synopsis of Points Covered

This will not be a true synopsis of the Theory of Field Interaction ? because, since there is so very much involved, a true synopsis would be impractical. However, it is reasonable to present a sampling of some of the more salient concepts that are covered in the book. Note also that, as a conceptual presentation, when a ?WHY?, ?WHAT?, or ?HOW? is discussed, it is not a typical presentation of what types of results a suitable equation might produce, but instead ? a true consideration of the phenomenological causes behind the outcome.

Following then is a summary listing of many of the most salient concepts that are addressed in the book. These topics are not necessarily listed in order of presentation, according to priority, or the amount of attention that is paid to them ? but they are all areas that are addressed in the book.

Salient Points Covered:

?  Why math is not as reliable of a ?universal language? or as a final arbiter of truth or correctness as is often thought ? yet no other single technique or approach is either. Thus, why we must use all of the available techniques and approaches together, in concert with each other.

?  Measurement limitations ? we cannot expect to be able to measure everything about Reality that we might wish

?  Inertia and momentum ? what are the true phenomena behind them (it is more than just mass and motion)

?  Fields ? they are real, but do not really entail "action at a distance"

   +  There is significantly more to the picture than meets the eye

   +  How forces are manifest at significant distances from the source of the field

   +  Momentum and energy transfer mechanism through a field

       ?  ?Virtual? particles ? are they truly real?

   +  The underlying cause of the inverse square law for field strengths

?  Quantization ? What the underlying cause is for both photons and particles

   +  What truly gives rise to the particle/wave duality of photons and particles

   +  Determinism at quantum scales

   +  Significance of the quantum wave functions ? what they are, and what they aren?t

?  Photons ? their structure and interactions ? once again, there is more to the picture than is readily apparent

   +  Why a photon MUST be more than just an electromagnetic wave, and why it is that we do not directly see all that is there

   +  How photons can carry momentum even though they have zero mass

   +  How photons interact with index of refraction changes ? why they act as they do

   +  The nature of polarization interactions ? down to the single photon level

   +  Dual slit interference ? once again, down to the single photon level

?  Particle structure ? NOT like a billiard ball (and NOT a point!) ? how it differs from photons

   +  What the truly ?elementary? particles are, and why

       ?  Non-elementary particles and why they decay

   +  Neutrinos ? what are they, and why do they act as they do?

       ?  Do they really have any mass?

?  Uncertainty ? where does uncertainty truly arise from, and what does it really mean to us?

?  Relativity ? what is the true cause and nature of the observed phenomena at relativistic speeds? (Hint: It?s NOT time, distance, and mass, nor is it just a matter of frames of reference)

   +  What is really going on with particles at relativistic speeds

   +  What constitutes the true frame of reference for Reality ? is it truly totally relative to who is doing the measuring?

?  Matter and antimatter ? what is the difference between them?

   +  Why ?matter? predominates over ?antimatter? in the Universe

?  Atoms and molecules ? their structure and basic interactions

   +  Electron structure and interactions inside the atom

   +  "Particles" in the nucleus

   +  Strong and weak forces ? why their ranges are so highly limited (it?s not what is commonly thought)

   +  Atomic decay

?  Complex matter structures and corresponding submicroscopic bulk and surface characteristics

?  Quantum tunneling ? what is really happening and why

?  Cosmological redshift ? it is primarily NOT Doppler or Doppler-like

   +  What do we really know (what have we truly measured)?

   +  What is the primary cause for the long-range cosmological redshift?

?  Cosmological microwave background ? what does it really mean? (It is NOT the residual from the ?Big Bang?)

?  The true nature of gravity

?  What is the true extent of the Universe?

   +  The true significance of Einstein?s cosmological constant

?  Do we really know the age of the Universe?

?  Finally, there are multiple suggestions for tests that might be performed to verify or disprove some of these concepts and to provide some useful quantitative data ? at least, to give us a start on useful confirmation of what is presented.

I hope that the above list gives you a better idea of what is covered in the book. If you want a more detailed description of how the discussion in the book is structured, more information is provided on the FAQs and Discussions page. If you are truly interested in any of the above, I hope you find it to be an interesting and enlightening read.

T. B. Bon