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T. B. Bon
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T. B. Bon (Abstracts)
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  • The Theory of Field Interaction: An Introduction (2011) [Updated 9 years ago]
    by T. B. Bon   read the paper:

    Getting Back to the Basics: A Distinctly Different Approach Brings New Understanding of Reality and the World Around Us

    Science and physics are struggling in a number of areas, and we do not seem to be much closer to a satisfactory resolution today than we were 100 years ago. Clearly, the answer must not be in the mathematics or in the commonly accepted perspectives ? otherwise, we would surely have found the answer by now. Sometimes, finding answers to persistent problems requires careful exploration even of areas that we might have thought were well settled and clearly understood. With a change of emphasis in the approach ? going beyond the mathematics (which we already have well in hand), as well as a careful reevaluation of what is truly known, some unexpected new clues have emerged. In the end, it appears that there may be more to some of the most basic concepts of classical physics (ones which have been very well characterized mathematically for hundreds of years now) than has previously been supposed. A whole new perspective of what is really behind momentum and inertia are proposed herein that, since they are so very basic in our understanding of Reality, have proven to have some rather significant impacts on our understanding of a number of areas in physics ? including some of the most troubling aspects of the currently accepted theories in mainstream physics. This is, of necessity, only an introduction to some of the most basic aspects of the concepts and their consequences, for the interconnectedness and complexity of Nature and Reality involve far more than could ever be adequately covered here ? but additional discussions have also been made available elsewhere.

  • Phenomenoscience ? The Key to the Proper Development of New Concepts in Science (2010) [Updated 9 years ago]
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    There are many today who believe that mathematics is the critical key to theoretical development in physics and that treatises lacking mathematical support are ?speculative or philosophical at best, not rigorously theoretical?. Mathematics is a wonderful, marvelous tool and can greatly aid in our endeavors ? however, it is not, nor can it really ever be, the true key and foundation to good theoretical development. The real key is the careful and effective evaluation and understanding of the actual physical phenomena in Reality. That is because mathematics, and indeed, essentially all of our other tools depend on the completeness and validity of our phenomenological understanding of physically how and why things actually work the way that they do to ensure that they are correlated adequately and accurately with Reality in a correct and appropriate manner. Since there does not appear to be any term in science today which refers specifically to such a careful and focused endeavor, the term phenomenoscience is herein defined and some of the basic considerations of its use are described as well. The goal is to show why phenomenoscience is critical to the proper progression of science, and to provide some indication of approaches that need to be used as well as the care that needs to be exercised in its practice.