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Todd Grigsby
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Todd Grigsby (Abstracts)
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  • Detection of Gravity Waves (2010) [Updated 3 years ago]

    A natural phenomenon provides definitive proof gravity is an electromagnetic wave. The unique properties of the sands in this area enable heterodyning of gravitational waves on date and time relationships from the orbits of nearby heavenly bodies. When one is able to discern the difference between the occurrence of sand ripples formed from simple water flow motions, from the sand ripples formed by heterodyned gravitational waves, enlightenment takes place. Any emission, from a heavenly body, is Doppler shifted from the continuously varying separation velocity due to their parabolic orbit. This of course includes gravity, if it is an electromagnetic wave.

  • Synodic Field Theory of Gravity and Electromagnetism
    by Todd Grigsby   read the paper:

    A must read, neo-theory, provides an alternative to curved space-time theory. File contains arguments against curved space-time theory, error in superposition, magnetic and gravity theory, Michelson Morley experiment and Planck's constant. Answers some paradoxes of general relativity. Included is a visual gravitational phenomenon. Arrives at the same conclusion as curved space-time theory, but from a completely different perspective.