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Michael Studencki
local time: 2023-09-21 12:55 (+01:00 )
Michael Studencki (About)
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IT engineer
Interests: Atomic Structure, Quantum Theory, Quantum Computing, it, Ai Cognitive Science, Consciousness, Electrodynamics, Gravity, Ether, Dna, Biochemistry, Geometry, Vedic Maths, Ancient Tech, Cymatics etc Age: 37

Since born, curiosity was my primary driving force. I wanted to know what's written in books, so I've learned to read when I was about 5. When in kindergarten, I've been reading fluently already and when I went to school, I've been learning Greek and Russian alphabets.

In my childhood house, there always have been many books around. The books I supposed to be too young. But it didn't worried me, I've been reading them nevertheless. As a third-grader, I've been already reading books about electricity, atoms, chemical reactions and molecules, combustion engines, living cells etc. because it all impassioned me. I was always hungry for more knowledge, I wanted to understand the world. I was breaking my toys apart to see what's inside and how do they work, and then I was assembling them back. I liked to play with electricity. Once I was trying to made a half-summator circuit from electromagnets with my friend. It quite worked, but I soon realized that to build a real computing circuit, we would need hundreds of electromagnets. Other time, when I watched "Back to the Future" movie, I went to the local library and borrowed all books on Relativity they had. I wondered if I could use them to build a time machine ;-) From the Twins Paradox it appeared possible, but the theory was very strange for me and it seemed overly complicated.

I could hardly wait the classes about physics and chemistry. I was very excited. But when It has finally came, I was very disappointed by the way teachers were telling me about that. At chemistry classes my teacher has been speaking about chemical reactions and summary formulas. When I asked her: "When we'll be learning about atoms and how they interact to produce all these reactions and molecules?" she told me that it's too hard for a teenager, so... maybe in a high-school or college. It was annoying, because I knew that already and it wasn't so hard at all! I was even explaining that to my friends to help them understand reactions. I preferred structural formulas over summary formulas, because they have a geometrical structure, which is more important than the "book-keeping" - it gives the molecules their properties.

At college it appeared that all what I've learned about atoms at primary school was plain wrong, so I have had to unlearn it and learn the quantum theory. Unfortunately, they've taught me only about the Bohr model, because it was "easier to understand" (here they go again...). I've always argued with my physics teacher, because I couldn't accept that atoms are particles and waves at once, and how do they fit into those Bohr orbits. When I mentioned him that the Bohr model is FLAT (!) so it can't describe three-dimensional objects we see around, he yelled at me. When I drew a photon quantum as a straight line instead of wavy-like one, he yelled at me that I'm stupid. He doesn't like my views, so I've always had bad notes and I had to prove my knowledge at the commission exam to pass to the next class. Fortunately, other professors understood my points of view better.

Then I went to study computer science, because I knew that computers have future. They're universal tools and they're good for scientific simulations. Unfortunately, even at the Academy of Computer Science I was very disappointed, because I knew it all already. I knew how to program computers since I was 12 (I've got my first computer for my first communion). I knew several computer languages since then, computer graphics, databases and WWW. So I was bored there.

After trying several jobs I quickly realized that working for someone else's wealth is not for me. I preferred to retain my freedom and work for my own wealth. Since then I'm unemployed and I devote all my free time to scientific research.

The real learning started for me when I finished my school education. I still wanted to understand the Universe (since I was born), but teachers at schools couldn't help me with that. So I started to learn on my own from the Internet. I've been reading many eBooks, papers, watching video lectures from MIT, Princeton, Caltech's "The Mechanical Universe" etc. I've learned more from them in about two years, than through my whole school education! I especially liked prof. Walter Lewin's lectures on physics.

Since then I've studied math, physics, biology, biochemistry, astronomy, ancient history, languages, computer science, psychology and much more. I've found techniques for me to learn quicker and more efficient. There was no "inappropriate" knowledge for me: I've even learned about alchemy, occultism, spirituality, consciousness, religions, paleo-astronautics, sacred geometry, ancient philosophies etc. And the more I learned, the more it all started to connect and form a bigger picture.

Now I'm convinced that the Nature is simple and it's understandable for human beings - that's why we are here! We're part of the great network of self-similar and self-discovering cosmic computer, starting from single atoms, through molecules, cells, organisms, ecosystems, planets, galaxies and clusters. The whole Universe is a living machine and our purpose is to discover how it works, and how we work ourselves. So I continue my research up to this day.