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Dr. Semir Sam Osmanagich
local time: 2023-10-01 00:08 (-05:00 DST)
Dr. Semir Sam Osmanagich (About)
World Science Database Profile
Interests: Archeology Age: 59

From his homepage: http://www.semirosmanagic.com/en/index.html

Semir Sam Osmanagich is Bosnian-born Houston (USA) resident author, researcher and businessman.(Biography)
He has discovered ancient pyramidal complex in Visoko (Bosnia-Herzegovina) which consists of five colossal stone structures in the shape of the pyramid with extensive pre-historical underground tunnel network. (Photo gallery)

He has established non-profit and non-government ?Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun? Foundation to pursue the excavation and geo-archaeological work. (www.bosnianpyramidofthesun.com)

First International Scientific Conference about Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids was held in Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina) in August 25-30, 2008 (www.icbp.ba) with 55 leading experts from Egypt, Russia, China, Poland, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Croatia, Austria, Montenegro and Bosnia giving full support Osmanagich's efforts and recommending establishment of the Center for Pyramid Studies in Bosnia. (Conclusions)
Osmanagich is an owner and president of the manufacturing company Met Company, Inc. and holding company Met Holding Group, LLP.  in Houston (USA).

Sam Osmanagich authored and narrated 12-epizode documentary ?Search for Lost Civilization? for the state Bosnian television FTVBiH (2007) which was based on his book: ?Civilizations Before the Official History? (2005) and filmed in Peru, Bolivia, Easter Island, Costa Rica, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Malta, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. (Video clips)

Osmanagich lectures extensively and promote Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids Project and archaeological tourism in Bosnia-Herzegovina from Egypt and Jordan, to Malaysia, Canada, USA, China, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Denmark and other countries. (Photo gallery)

Osmanagich is a member of the Archaeological Society of Alexandria (est. 1895). Osmanagich has become a first ?honorary citizen? of the Town of Visoko in 2006.

Daily newspaper ?San? from Sarajevo awarded Osmanagich title ?Man of the Year 2007 in Bosnia-Herzegovina? for his research project Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids and affirmative promotion of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the world.

Osmanagich has been admitted as a Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences from Moscow, one of the most respected scientific institutions in the world.

Osmanagich holds his doctorate in Sociology of History. His PhD thesis about the Mayan civilization has been accepted at the University of Sarajevo.

- Ph.D. in Sociology of History: The Mayan Civilization, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia (Abstract)
- Master of Sciences in International Economics, University of Sarajevo
- B.S. in Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo
- B.S. in Economics, University of Sarajevo
- 2 years training in Sociology, University of Sarajevo

Osmanagich has authored ten books about ancient civilizations (The Mayan World, Peruvian, Mexican, Pacific, African and ancient European civilizations) that have been published in the United States, Turkey, Estonia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. (Books)

2006 ? CNN, the most watched cable news program, announced as a ?Breaking News? Osmanagic's discovery in July 2006
2007 ? ABC, the most popular US TV network, aired 30-minute ?Special about the Bosnian Pyramids?
2008 ? BBC, the biggest European TV, aired news about the Bosnian Pyramids during the most popular show, duration 4,5 minutes
2009 ? NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL ? the most popular program about popular science aired 15-minute documentary about the Bosnian Pyramids and interview with Osmanagich