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Thane C. Heins
local time: 2023-03-30 12:18 (-06:00 )
Thane C. Heins (About)
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Interests: New Energy

From Wikipedia:

Perepiteia is a purported perpetual motion generator developed by the Canadian inventor Thane Heins. The device is named after the Greek word for peripety, a dramatic reversal of circumstances or turning point in a story. Due to the long history of hoaxes and failures of perpetual motion machines, Heins' claims about Perepiteia have been treated with skepticism.

In 2003, Heins filed a patent application in Canada[1] although the patent application is now "dead".[2] Heins also founded Potential Difference Inc, the website of which contains a series of videos of the inventor demonstrating the machine.[3]

Heins has recently stated that he is unsure whether or not the machine really produces energy, but in communications with science writer David Bradley of ScienceBase, Heins made claims of up to 7000% efficiency for a bi-toroidal transformer.[4] Heins, who reportedly works 8–12 hours a day on the Perepiteia, insists that it is viable and that "This technology should be mainstream."