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Diego Jos? Arturo Sa
local time: 2023-09-22 12:26 (-05:00 )
Diego Jos? Arturo Sa (About)
World Science Database Profile
Computer Scientist, Engineer
Interests: Electromagnetism, Vector Algebra, Quaternions, Radiation Age: 70

Dissident Interests

I have written papers (http://www.arxiv.org/) rejecting special relativity, Planck's radiation formula and Godel's incompleteness theorems and proposing a new vector algebra. By applying these vectors to electromagnetism I was able to reproduce Maxwell's equations with a twist and was able to prove that the most important physical variables satisfy the D'Alembert wave equation. I have proposed to the NPA group to apply some of my equations to explain the "Pioneer anomaly" as well as to the so-called "galaxy rotation problem". There are many open routes for my theory, for example, related with the previous, explain the electromagnetic potentials, or unrelated, such as using the new vectors in graphical applications, neural networks, etc.

About Me

I am very open minded and change my opinions about scientific concepts in general, when they are against logic, my mental ontology and Occam's razor. I studied Civil Engineering in Ecuador and later got my Master of Science in Computer Sciences at Georgia Tech in 1975. I have always been attracted to Physics and Math so the investigations in these areas have been my hobby.