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Jia-Qiang Cheng
local time: 2020-06-05 11:28 (+08:00 )
Jia-Qiang Cheng (Abstracts)
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  • An Invariant Ratio in Magnetic Acceleration (2010) [Updated 9 years ago]

    This paper presents a simple new rule that is followed by every free charged particle in acceleration caused by a spatially-uniform magnetic field. Every particle in such magnetic acceleration has, not only an acceleration with respect to a stationary reference frame, but also an acceleration with respect to a rotating reference frame, which rotates about the direction of the magnetic field with a quasi Larmor frequency; these two accelerations are in constant ratio. This simple new rule is followed perfectly, regardless of how the other concerned laws of physics operate. This simple new rule brings us a brand new picture of magnetic acceleration, and a brand new analytic tool as well.

  • Particle ?Charge Inertia? in a Magnetic Field (2006) [Updated 3 years ago]

    This paper presents a new concept called ?charge-inertia? and demonstrates its utility in re-explaining electromagnetic phenomena mechanically. The acceleration of a free, charged particle in a magnetic field can be re-explained as an inertia effect, whether the field is time-varying or not, and whether the particle has a relativistic speed or not. The new explanation denies the Lorentz force, the electromagnetic induction, and the relativistic mass, achieving a partial unification of classical mechanics with electrodynamics.