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Jin-Zhi Lei
local time: 2022-08-08 22:24 (+08:00 )
Jin-Zhi Lei (Abstracts)
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  • Vortex Dynamics And Exploiting Energy From The Vacuum (2001) [Updated 5 years ago]

  • Casimir Effect with Vortex Filaments and Quasar Spiral Model (1999) [Updated 1 decade ago]

    Studies of the behavior of the electrochemical double layer in an electrolysis cell reveals the existence of a nonstationary Casimir effect due to energy concentration at the tip or protrusions. Pitting and protrusions formed by electrochemical activity evidently provides the means for such effects. A model based on the lightning-cloud-to-land model is proposed to explain the transient process on eletrode protrusion [1]. This paper strives to explain the release of excess heat of electrolysis (the so-called COLD NUCLEAR FUSION) by the dynamic Casimir effect produced by a coupling effect of gas bubble cavities with moving boundaries [2], the torsion coherence of vortex rings, and the spiral structures on the tips of electrode protrusions with zero-point energy. Nuclear active sites with highly directed beams or rays of radiation emanating from radioactive isotopes have been recorded on black & white film from the tips of electrodes by Autoradiography. Considering the scale invariance of phenomena in nature, a quasar model with spiral galaxy structure and extremely high-energy cosmic rays from the center of the vortex spiral [3] is suggested to describe the generation of energetic particles which cause nuclear reactions along the crystal-lattice channels in the electrode metals.