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Dr. Marvin Eli Kirsh
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Dr. Marvin Eli Kirsh (Abstracts)
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  • Determining the Determined State : A sizing of Size From aside/the Amassing of Mass by a Mass (2013) [Updated 7 years ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    A philosophical exploration is presented that considers entities such as atoms, electrons, protons,reasoned (in existing physics theories) by induction, to be other than universal building blocks, butartifacts of a sociological struggle that in elemental description is identical with that of all processes of matter and energy. In a universal context both men and materials, when stressed, struggle toaccomplish/maintain the free state. The space occupied by cognition, inferred to be the result of the inequality of spaces, is an integral component of both processes and process interpretation; arbitrationspace, ubiquitous throughout nature, occurred to a vast number of vastnesses, a manifestation of the existence of time dependent mass/number/amount, is argued to be located to the same judging criteria with which principles are determined for sociological purposes: the processes of mind are determined (excuse the pun) to occur as a free state that is reflectively equal to what is construed by the intellect as universe. Scientifically determined states are not free states.

  • A Cliff Note for Reading My Works (2013) [Updated 7 years ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    From the response of collegues indicating a contradiction in thought that I am attempting define reality, and practice answering topical questions in philosophy I have structured note on my work.

    I start with a quote from Lewis Carol that looks non sensical.....

    "Never Imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that were or might have been was not other wise than what you had been would have appeared them to be otherwise."

    and interpret it....

    Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than that it might appear (as) to others (i.e.) that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been (that) would have appeared to them to be otherwise....


  • A Live Wire : Machismo of a Distant Surface (2012) [Updated 9 years ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:


    The scientific study of socio-cultural phenomenon requires a translocation of topics elaborated from the social perspective of the individual to a rationally ordered rendition of processes suitable for comprehension from a scientific perspective. Scholarly curiosity seeded from exposure in the natural setting to economic, political, socio-cultural, evolutionary, processes dictates that study of the self, should be a science with a necessary place in the body of world literatures; yet it has proven difficult to find a perspective to contain discussions of topics in a coherent manner for scientific approach: for example, anthropology, the study of mankind, finds difficulty elaborating definition for the orientation of study; it is a member of the same set that contains it. In this presentation, based on features indigenous to a supposed distant perspective that is exposed employing experiences of history and criteria of common sensory perception, it is conjectured that a civilization lifetime pathology is contemporarily active. Example is taken from philosophical and sociological discourses, modern science theory, medicine in pursuit of international health issues, to capture conceptually a role of motions of external agents occurred within the interval of observation, elaboration of concepts, choice of directions, as a source of paradox and confusion. In supposition that does not escape simple logic, ubiquitously appealing to the experience bound senses for understanding, hidden motions, common to both observer and observed, are hypothesized to render from a sense of familiarity, a continued frustration in attaining an understanding of the self and nature. A psychical seduction is proposed to exist, related to historical behaviors associated with centrism and asceticism, produces eccentric interpretations that are bound modernly to logical circular, centric geometrical reasonings; world conceptualizations are conjectured to acquire an avoidance of a state of ?motionless? rather than death within selection processes. Projection by the imagination upon the unknown is conjectured to result in a seduction by an active ?live-wire" embodied to motions occurred to a distant surface.

  • Science, the virtual and the Actual : A Real Stand-off (2012) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    The World Wide Web is a source of social encounter occurring over undefined distances.  If physical parameters of social encounter are considered uncontrollable for studies in a natural setting,  the internet world, when dissected philosophically with respect to physical witnessibility of engaged identities, provides a model in which distance is absent.  Upon comparison  of meaning in science method and theory as it is necessarily rooted to  common perceptional experience, it is proposed that established  criteria of virtual, real, and actual employed for description in internet studies not only constitute 'world',  but 'universe' in which the gap between the actual and virtual has a physical meaning.  Philosophical analogy is made from a proposed universal model to theory proposed by Albert Einstein,  Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn and applied in an attempt to bridge conceptually the social and natural sciences . A release of identity-funding inhibition to the extension of the range of witness beyond the immediate environment, associated with cognitive generalization of phenomenon involving a null hypothesis, seen universally to singularly account for cognitive and behavioral trends towards modern times,  is proposed to be the consequence of physical factors that are external to cultures.  A universal ?paradox of the injuring concept?  is rendered in terms  of a physical divide between the virtual and the actual.


    Available at http://MarvinKirsh.cgpublsher.com   (download electronic version $5.00, Hardcopy $10.00)

  • Evolution at the Surface of Euclid: Elements of a Long Infinity in Motion Along Space (2011) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:


    It is modernly debated whether application of the free will has potential to cause harm to nature. Power possessed to the discourse, sensory/perceptual, physical influences on life experience by the slow moving machinery of change is a viral element in the problems of civilization; failed resolution of historical paradox involving mind and matter is a recurring source of problems. Reference is taken from the writing of Euclid in which a oneness of nature as an indivisible point of thought is made prerequisite in criteria of interpretation to demonstrate that contemporary scientific methodologies alternately ensue from the point of empirically centered induction. A qualification for the conceptualization is proposed that involves a physically describable form bound to energy in addition to contemporary notions of energy bound to form and a visually based mathematical-physical form is elaborated and discussed with respect to biological and natural processes.

  • Where the Shape of the Egg Comes From? (2011) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    The shape of the egg is proposed to be the consequence of synergistic actions from the transmission of forces derived from instinctual motions and energy matter conversions that act to obstruct the grounding and neutralization of energy emissions by  limiting in size the physical domain of self witness. A philosophy and theory associating, atemporal in nature, form and emergence is evolved from  logical considerations for the construction of a  mathematical/geometrical model of the egg that is generated from a template construed from simple geometrical considerations.   The acquisition of instinct as the setting/identity  associated propagation of motion to avoid closed space is discussed in relation to cause and effect, the universal attribute of contingency and a special verses general case to describe the world. Analogy is made between the proposed natural transmission of the transparent/conceptual egg form, expressed physically at important nodes in the course of biological propagation to the philosophy of self- belonging of Bertrand Russell.  

  • Mind, Matter and Surface: A Two Timing Nature or a Whole Concept (2010) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    Method and theory in science are related to a philosophy in which the centric position of the first person, perception and cognition are made the exclusive focus for interpretation involving mirroring, symbolism, and need, criteria from which major first scientific works in Anthropology originated. A new orientation is found for some notions in physics and cosmology, especially those revolved around an ether as a substrate for the transmission of light that are used in explanation in Theory of Relativity, interpretation of experiment. The interferometer and red shift, theory and experiment in biology, as well as aspects of Ancient Philosophies, and a modern age of extended means of communication are discussed and compared in critique with respect to a visual model, created mathematically, of an egg, that is used to demonstrate proposed physical and conceptual form. The Earth, civilization is argued to have a unaware two-timing complex in thinking social and behavioral aspects caused by the external invasion of spaces by unknown phenomenon dating back to the time of Eve and reflected from a philosophical incompleteness to a space structured with a like two-timed weave of conceptual and material form.

  • Space: Negative Selection, Physical Constraint, and Symmetry (2010) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    A descriptive role is suggested for uracil as a temporal divide in the immediate aspects of metabolism verses long term maintained genetic transmission. In particular, details of the mechanism of excision repair of uracil from DNA based on differential parameters of spatial distortion of the planar uracil molecule within the DNA helix verses RNA, when viewed in analogy to a proposed model for space involving the substitution of the act of mirroring for the element of time in processes and a descending complexity of structure with time of evolution, suggest the possibility that negative selection against decreased lifetime is the singular motive force of natural selection. The geometry of the Mobius strip, as it has a plane of mirroring symmetry, a twist able to account for torque in nature, an inversion of inside and out seen in biological structures, and an endless surface that can be accommodated to an atemporal account of physical processes is employed in a holistic model to elaborate a negative selection opposing death as zero volume or the logical existence of physical constraint to volumes that is represented as the ubiquitous inability of witnessing objects of any type to witness simultaneously both a self reflection and the reflection of self reflection. A role for uracil and its' physical structure, in a model in which both are evolved from the mirroring of events of the witnessing of energies, is elaborated in which temporal aspects such as those entailed in existing models of natural evolution are considered inappropriate in perspectives that are oriented positively towards a successful comprehension of processes; focus is placed instead upon the geometry and arrangement of physical spaces.

  • Einstein and Mythology: The Lengthier the Relations in a Myth the Greater Its' Mass (2009) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    The theory of relativity is considered form a perspective of folklore. Abstracted entities in the theory of relativity are stripped of units in order to provide explanation, to expose an ordinary meaning that employs a fulcrum for visual description. It is suggested that components of the theory's construction are not only unusually compatible with religious and spiritual but are also unaccounted for scientifically; they may not render the expected power struggle of church doctrine with scientific notions but an opposite situation in which logical contradiction at the root level of physical meaning and symbolism is absent and might exist only with respect to active perceptual structuring, either functioning on the unknown or belief. This situation, is projected to exist in a volatile mythological form as a ?fulcrum' like bridge between points of dispersion in which the (invisible) entity of mass assumes an added social (or physical) weight imposed by the assumption of the existence of massless space; especially, should its' logically non excludable converse situation, of exclusively ?mass and force containing space? for all phenomenon, find future explanation and validity.

  • Apparency and Actuality (2009) [Updated 4 years ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    Apparency and actuality are discussed with respect to science, genetics, evolution, cognition and perception. Rules for a (sub)set of actual/allowable sets of entities and objects from a total set that is based on differences and contrasts extracted from perceptual experience of the world elucidate tenable combinations/recombinations from a total of the transparent(history/past dependant) and the apparent as they can be construed to comprise the actual/real faces of perception. The elements of dreams, language, symbolisms, abstractions are proposed to encompass to encompass a total set of plausible apparencies. Nature from which both internal and external life is mirrored at the simplest structural level is propose to be constructed similarly-to physically possess also concepts and abstractions as states that reflect differences/combinations/recombinations parametrically that are emerged from the parameters associated with particular circumstances. This view is dependant upon, for its' conceptual soundness, a total construction of the world that descends, rather than ascends, in structural complexity and diversity and which is innately divided and compartmentalized in sequence from a more complex uniquely existing state describable singularly as a place of force and proximities form which all processes ensue. Integration of sound, light, into sensory experience and language is proposed to be a natural process of the accomplishment of new proximities/states from total apparent plausibility‟s (past and actual combined) verses the actually(past and present) existing. Two potential important aspects of this scheme exist with regards to evolution theory:

    1. a very relative dynamic state of change and emergence is plausible
    2. a consistent identity of objects and entities is resolvable that is not based on apparent observations or partial history of events but on a set of total states and processes occurred during the progression to an actual condition.

    This is suggested to be unique for each and every actual situation as an identifier and is proposed to account for allowances with respect to new potentials. "Self" in this sense can assume more involved relations with self more than with the more distant, hence alien, otherwise arrived at proximal components, components of the environment, inert or otherwise. An example is presented with respect to solar energies and their toxicity to cause disturbances/disease upon internal exposure-as an unnaturally arrived imbalance/proximity between the transparent (history dependant) and the apparent-together comprising, in this situation, a disturbed actual state that can encompass also distortions in the perception of time. Time is proposed to be delineated as a contrast of proximal and distal factors mutually involved with both transparent (genealogically) oriented parameters, and empirically apparent factors that together comprise the actual, as well as those more immediate proximal and distal components(e.g. solar radiation, light-the less structured ambient verse those elements that comprise visual perceptions) as they influence the senses. Each entity species in this scheme possesses its‟ own characteristic sense of time along with contemporary factors that influence the perception of time state, state of health and disturbance.

  • Anthropology and Parallelism : The Individual as a Universal (final journal version) (2009) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    It is difficult to define perspective within sets that are self belonging. For example in the study of mankind, anthropology, both men and their studies fall into the same category that contains the topic outline. This situation entails a universal quality of uniqueness, an instance of, to the topic of anthropology that almost may be viewed in parallel to the topic of nature as the set of unique particulars. Yet one might assent to the notion in the inclusive study of man, anthropology, that nothing in its‟ content should conceivably be construed to exceed it. Yet in approaches to the topic, reference to the topic of nature, unavoided, refers to the scientific topic of nature in which contemporary notions are contrasted to and exceed the perceptual experience of nature for explanation. In this presentation problems in approaches and in the application of available tools for analysis to the study of man will be discussed. Framed with respect to a concept of parallelism, notions and stimulus are introdu ced to augment and reorient towards a more creative perspective with respect to the organization of first perspective considerations in studies. The theories of relativity, the idea of mathematical relations for simultaneous events, the presence of artifactual paradoxes as they are reflected in thinking and the scientific tools applied towards investigations are discussed and hopefully highlighted so that they may hopefully be perceived distinctly form realities involved in the pursuit of studies.

  • Uniqueness, Self Belonging and Intercourse in Nature [Revised] (2009) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    The world is discussed and framed so that it does not evolve divisions alike the conceptual division between Special and General Relativity in which emerged divides are suggested to be parallel to and emerged from paradoxes of mind-matter, the self and nature. Of all of the potential properties of the unique Universe, emergence, affinity, self avoidance , etc., self belonging is never a characteristic of unique and energy metabolizing spaces/entities. A list of sets of unique things can contain itself. It is suggested that in descriptions of nature only sets of unique concepts can contain themselves. The list of self belonging things involves only the conceptual and unique in contrast to the physical scientific object; the list of non self belonging things is necessarily a list of the physical, though all physical entities are also, as in the conceptual, unique with respect to exact identity in time and space. Ontological classification, a concept - i.e. the set of validly applied concepts with respect to the physical is argued to also be unique. The world in this model, divided into the self belonging and the non-self belonging, composed totally of uniquenesses is proposed to entail a physical and conceptual form as an egg shape derived from an equation; more generally any rendition that generates volume from a linear path and renders a one to one correspondence of the physical to the conceptual. A paper experiment scheme that tests creativity for the ability to construct proper topics/and object categories for research endeavors is elucidated, as Natures' set, as a guide in experimental pursuits. Creativity to identify a unique object form that is instantiatable both conceptually and physically to nature or its' subsets can be applied to guide research pursuits. Universal uniqueness and self belonging in systems is proposed to occur only when the form of the conceptual and form of the physical become interchangeable. It is witnessed pronouncedly in the presented sample of an intraspecies capacity to alternate between live birth and egg laying as a means of reproduction. The paradox rendering entity, the egg shape. The egg shape is transposed as the ubiquitous and central facet of the system.

  • What Happened? Are We Asking or Telling? (2009) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    A conceptual parallel is created between studies in anthropology and natural science.  A  space occupied by ?the conceptualization?  is argued to not only parallel  symbolically the scientifically conceived value of volume as space, but to have an equal meaning- the spaces of the conceptual ordering of nature as manifestations of energy are held to be paralleling  manifestations of the same energies that mold the environment.   A growing historical asceticism attributed to the individual in struggles with nature and himself  becomes destructive universally as the consequence of  scientific activities that are focused from raw curiosities that are distant from real symbolic meaning.    

  • The Bend: A Speculation on History and Science (2009) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    The age of human civilization is given the name ?the bend? based on a re-examination of the emergence of science, science theory content, and history.

  • Physical Contiguism (revised, expanded) (2009) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    I hope to propose the topic of PHYSICAL CONTIGUISM in description to bridge paradoxes of mind and matter.  It seems that in efforts to bridge topics of science and consciousness focus has drifted towards a means to accommodate the mind in physical terms in order to draw correspondances with the topic of matter. -vis as a topic in brain science. 

  • A Plane Economy of Space Surfaces From The Concepts of Einstein and Euclid (2009) [Updated 4 years ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    A unification of the sciences is attempted. The ?concept?, conceptual structuring of the world, is accounted for as the perceptual product of the means in which the world is actually actively structured as difference states of an energy-energy or energy-matter conversion product whose continually becoming state bears perceptual and cognitive reality born of the objects of sensation, and who present (verses becoming) state is unwitnessible by virtue that it is also the means of mental as well as physiological processes (i.e. is not visible to itself). Hierarchy in conceptual ordering, in model, is an active and flexible reflection of an unwitnessible state as the delivering agent of a constantly becoming state, i.e. the experienced environment; the value of temporally enduring constancy in the former as the agent of the same in the latter: the concept is an ordered set of differences of processes involved in the making of the world. . A contrast is drawn between actual (in the frame of nature) and apparent (in the frame of witness) emergences, (the logical verses the illogical respectively) in light of a redefined notion of proximity to the senses in which the actual physical/temporal paths of emergences rather than perceptual senses of closeness, reach-ability or experimental reach-ability are measures of distance. The theory of relativity, reflecting in its' conceptual construction common interpretations of proximity, is claimed to be overlapped with respect to the physical and the conceptual in a manner in which its' empirical meaning/realization exaggerates the real size of volumes of space.

  • Uniqueness, Self Belonging and Intercourse in Nature - new version (2009) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    Biological organization is discussed within a holistic framework . A new orientation is presented of natural processes with an approach in model construction that is focused strictly on physical form and centered away from abstractions that escape the perceptual senses, lead towards the postulation of non-verifiable and non-witnessible entities. A universal construction composed of first perspective representations of path, witness as unique loci in volumes of space delineated as surfaces that are rendered from planar projections, themselves projections from the coordinates of linear motion. A dynamic heterogeneous unit structure as a shape, existing at all loci, is shown to be emerging in both volume and number in a natural set, Natures' Set, confined in test to the descriptive elements uniqueness, self belonging, self avoiding, emerging. Conceptual and physical form, self belonging, and non self belonging respectively, are proposed to exist in a unique shape that can be generated graphically.. Memory, reduced in definition to the quality of path, is accounted for biologically as energy-matter transformation: the existence of DNA (a likewise linear set of loci from which surfaces and volumes are ultimately rendered) is attributed as ?a piece of energetically active path' arising as a failure of (path possessing) energy to find a ground state within a course outlined by a geometrical inversion of inside and out that is inherent to the presented model.. An accounting of the universe, the existence of life, DNA, is suggested to entail a shape as a primary universal.

  • Induction, Space and Positive Ethics (2008) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    Ludus Vitalis, vol. XVI, num. 30, 2008, pp. 225-228. One may purport that ones' awareness of space for scientific purposes comes about from a potential awareness of its' absence that is derived from times when ones attention is not focused on it. Yet simply one might extract the notion that space and entailed properties of it are elemental ? i.e. conceptually non reducible and that from which all emanates. The words non-ethical induction, entailing the existence of ethical induction, if compared in a corresponding manner (to indivisible space and the attentive awareness of it), also entail that the ethics of induction in science are dependant on attentive focus. In the following description, I will attempt to draw some logical conclusions employing this analogy regardless of its potential validity or invalidity and then relate these conclusions to actual circumstances in order to lend them substance.

  • A Model for Reinterpretation in Physics: Applied to the Michaelson- Morley Experiment (2008) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    Space is interpreted as a construction of single sided open surfaces that define volumes and space. The property of coordinate location, definable uniquely by any parameter pertaining to it, is established as an entailed concert of any / all parameters peculiar to a spece and immiscible with sets describing other spacess- as a unique set of parameters to which a universal apriori force (of self avoidance), apriori time space and energy, mutually entailing, self entailing is ascribed . An example is provided in a discussion of the Michaelson-Morley experiment.


  • Parallelism and Relativity (2007) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    A parallel of elementary concepts but non-mathematically obtainable contrasts is described as entailed to all aspects of nature ubiquitously, if conceptual pluralisms/dualisms are logically reduced to monisms. In order for active perceptual/conceptual science pursuit to exist with a valid and coherent meaning, conceptually organizable, but non-parametric sameness/equality of some sort must be attachable to all facets of all perspectives. Examples in lingual form are provided that employ the words "standard" and conceptual comparisons are established with modern life and physical sciences. A suitably corresponding new model, philosophical perspective and sample physics experiment/interpretation is proposed.


  • Incompleteness and the Romance With Science (2007) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    It is argued that qualities of complete/incomplete science theory do not relate to the fertility or diversity or validity of science theory, but correspond with social, behavioral, moral values, and trespass into the realms of innate knowing, absolutes, cognition and behavior. It is suggested that terms employed such as "innately incomplete" are redundant in description - i.e. "flats are innately flat" - a curved dwelling would not be suitable for habitation, it is similarly very difficult to find other words to speak of the notion of science as incomplete.

  • The Universe Framed With Respect to Paradox : Is Memory Physically all That Exists? (2007) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    If all of the motive forces of the physical world, physically of the world, can be agreed upon to occur from the conceptual/ethereal as a confrontation of the logically entailed with its‟ antithesis, as the paradox, a scheme might be evolved to detail all phenomenon as occurrences that are the result of an elemental universal construction effected by the inversion, then one might account for the sciences, its‟ theory, the questions of nature, natural history, human history, rather than as explanation, as if seeking explanation for existence in the third person, but as an accounting that is closer conceptually to the innately perceived. If it is at the juncture of paradox where the pursuits of civilization seem to expand in a never ending seeking, perhaps one might reorient his frame to define in terms of paradox. Though this reorientation does not appear on the surface as potentially productive, does not resolve the paradox, one might assume it to be the only route available and, if not productive, one might also potentially assume that all efforts to extract a knowledge of nature are in vain in the sense that one might only arrive at paradox, originating itself from an active pursuit to bear fruit for continuance. At the surface of this inquiry is presentation of a valid criteria for the ubiquitous existence of paradox throughout all of nature, though more in line with presentation first of paradox and subsequently exposed as ubiquitous and employed for explanation. Since paradox arises from the willed/active application of the intellect to the external world there is no ground to assume that it is innate itself in a simpler setting of nature, the natural world and its‟ processes, in this presentation I will try to establish that paradox, defined as logically irreconcilable conflict, other than being solely the product of active perception, is, in an analogous corresponding form, ubiquitously companioned, and tangential to direction, a partner to the inversion that pervades the universe. The inversion is given as a substrate for the faces of the paradox and the two combined as an elemental unit of nature. With regards to paradoxes of mind and matter, an ultimate conceptually/philosophically arrived paradox, a synthesis of the physical/biological/philosophical concepts with the empirical, DNA is given a role as the actual embodiment of all that can and does ensue in the universe- path and memory. In light of theory and current research results in the science of physics, DNA is elevated, with potential scientific validity, to possess both a ubiquitous nature and unique existence confined to biological entities as 'a physical piece of physical path', a biological source of all memory, perception and cognition, a physically energetic absolute and fixed differential standard of path/emergence in physical form , contained physical emergence that serves to energetically emerge, and defining of all from a first perspective beholding to the possessor of life as a sole criteria for perspective and reference with which to scientifically organize experiences of nature.

  • Motion (2007) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    This article is about orientation in the conceptual construction and exploration of the world. Orientations that fail to include a satisfactory definition of self as a vital component in ideas of explanation, compulsively leaning towards excessive analytical description(partism)) and resulting in increased numbers of empirically found exceptions to theoretical ideas, also fail to include adequate notions of motion and change. In the science of cognition a three part picture usually results, rather than a two component one in which the extraneous component functions as a compensation from the initial vagueness in ideas. Though this can seem to be a reasonable approach, to proceed from vagueness, to conjecture, empirical test/comparison, a false order in all components of a final theory will continuously result, and ultimately, in one to one correspondence, equate with a separate topic and not with the original. A compulsive and strict adherence to common sense, though not seeming to supply adequate explanation and strained for lingual description/expression, is the only possible route to adequate explanation.

    In cognition, the perennial stumbling is always at the division between the ethereal and the tangible. It is such an inhibitory obstacle, that in the construction of ideas, language falters to result in the continual construction of new words to "describe" rather than to connect. Though I believe "describe" is also the real ultimate goal, a real connection is never established.

  • Science and the Liars Paradox (2007) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    Philosophical truth descends on contrast and paradox at the juncture of self-expression with internal content. In the statements ?I am lying? or ?I am telling the truth? fact cannot be resolved to a truth condition. If it is true, then it is false, if false then it is true, respectively. Scientific theory is allergic to the liars paradox-immunologically incompetent where it is concerned. Yet modern science seeks, in very paradoxical manner, to find a formula for living things from physics theory, to avoid the liars paradox, though not appearing immunologically upset at the truthful admission, if not confident and encouraged with the potential ability to do so. One might argue from the outset, as a hologram which contains the whole in each part, that, in order to have uniqueness, individual differences, apparently evolved by a mechanism of contrast and test, if genetic change/all change, as a forward transmission, does not speak of itself falsely in order to proceed? This question arises if one considers perspective in science.

  • Form Generates Form: Time as a Second Order Oscillation From Indecision Between Einstein Legality and Heisenberg Uncertainty (2006) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Marvin Eli Kirsh   read the paper:

    Concerning time, relativity, the esoterics of time-space, the ordering of phenomenon into a proper orientation and superstructure with respect to unifying elements, one can employ a linear perspective that both delineates and affirms a perceived aparity to events. This resulting in a circular path shrouded with a lack of explanation founded on unresolvable question. In the creation of higher principles from the normal oscillations of daily cognition that are structured from experience, objective cognitive focus can fail from a lack of definition and perspective to perceived phenomenon and elements that formulate experienced time. This propensity, is a result of frustration to order the world from sensory input that is restricted to perceptions of size, shape, volume, i.e. distances and proximities into some degree of logical accord. In this presentation, the root of all inquiry, change, and time is addressed, though of majority consent that it is inherently unorderable, statistical in nature, that it has a second order that is divisible into elements of the appropriate, proximal and direct, verses the inappropriate, distal, and indirect: other than as victim of the linear and continuous, time is alternately explained as an evolved unperceived second order oscillation of the same identically perceived sensual factors of volume, shape size as functions of distance and angle of perspective.