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Shankar V. Narayanan
local time: 2023-09-30 06:16 (+05:30 )
Shankar V. Narayanan (About)
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Free Lance
Interests: Alternative Clean Energy Resourcing Age: 72

I graduated in science and subsequently in electrical engineering and worked mostly on field jobs that gave me exposure to electrical power distribution, industrial applications, power generation as well as in various oil and gas refineries. My interest has always been to understand nature especially from the core of creation that drew me towards classical physics which gave me exposure to the way things work and as I stepped into modern theories lost track.

Some of the explanation in current theories was not acceptable to my mind whatever that may be beyond common sense. Therefore was lead to making an attempt to find an explanation from classical physics to bring the concepts within the reach of my ability and imagination and that I found in Space Vortex Theory both mysterious as well could find spirituality attached to it.

I am fortunate to have been lead to the referenced books and various articles on websites and last but not the least encouraged by scholars and friends those were of great help to me. After, decades of pursuing, have reached here to make these humble submissions for a critical view.

The confidence on this concept grew because there are several new findings and clarity that do not exist in current physics that follows very naturally and further due to non-acceptance by many main stream journals without assigning any good reason. It would be noteworthy to visit some forums on which we will find young kids so confused and tensed that this subject has already become a nightmare with current theories. Since this SVT concept is new and the outcome so far is not much has lots of potential left for contribution by scholars and evolving young generation.