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Maurice B. Cooke
local time: 2020-04-04 04:06 (-04:00 DST)
Maurice B. Cooke (Abstracts)
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  • Chapter: The Inert Gas Technology
    by Maurice B. Cooke   read the paper:

    Perhaps no other scientific-sounding information said to have been paranormally received has had more people experimenting with it in the past 20 years than what has come to be known as the inert gas technology. From the beginning, this information has been distinguished by its balance between a consistent theoretical level, which describes in a totally new way the nature of certain fundamental aspects of physical reality, and a much more nuts-and-bolts engineering level, which explains exactly how to get realworld results. Given the dozens of people over the years who have pursued this inert gas technology and who have claimed success in their experimentation, two of the chief tenets of science seem to have been satisfied: being able to successfully predict and replicate.