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Julio Palacios
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Julio Palacios (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: February 12, 1970)

Julio Palacios Mart?nez (Paniza, Saragossa, 1891 - Madrid, February 12 of 1970) was one of the most important Spanish physicist.

After his doctorate at the Universidad Central de Madrid, Blas Cabrera advised that extensive studies in Leiden (Netherlands), where he studied low-temperature isotherms for the noble gases. Upon his return, he joined the laboratory of his mentor to work on the surface tension of mercury and the correction of the reading barometric. Moreover, research on the brightness of the lightning channel and on the substances to and diamagnetic.

In 1926 obtained the chair of Termolog?a of the University of Madrid. Subsequently investigated the crystal structures by diffraction of X-rays. His entry into the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural was the April 8 of 1932, with a talk on quantum mechanics. By creating the National Institute of Physics and Chemistry (1932), Palacios was the director of the section of X-ray.

After the Civil War, Palacios left the studies focus on the structural biology, from a physical point of view. He was appointed director of the Physics Section of the Institute of Oncology of Lisbon (Portugal), combining his work in Portugal with his work in Madrid. In the last stage of his life developed a critique of the theory of relativity, postulating a return to classical notions of absolute space and time.

He held various positions and belonged to several institutions: the voice of Board of Studies and Scientific Research, President of the Spanish Society of Physics and Chemistry, member of the Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, F?sicas y Naturales, for the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences Barcelona and the Academies of Sciences of Saragossa, Buenos Aires, C?rdoba (Argentina), Lisbon, Lima, Coimbra and Puerto Rico and member of the Royal Academy of Medicine. In 1967 he was appointed rector of International Center for Mechanical Sciences, based in Trieste and Udine.

Palacios published, besides numerous articles on his areas of research, several books are suggested: for Medical Physics (1931), Physical Mechanics (1942), Thermodynamics and constitution of matter (1942), Electricity and Magnetism (1945), From Physics to Biology (1947), Dimensional Analysis (1956). - Wikipedia (translation)