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Dr. Peter K?mmel
local time: 2024-03-04 11:49 (+01:00 )
Dr. Peter K?mmel (About)
World Science Database Profile
Interests: Antigravity, Magnetic Propulsion

Born 1932 in Hamburg, Peter K?mmel ended his education with Doctoral Degree of Hamburg University in 1962. During this time he also achieved the "Kaufinannsgehilfen-Pr?fung" at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, finishing an apprenticeship within the Import-Export business. His university studies involved: Physics, Aerodynamies, Airplane-Structure, Linguistics, Phonetics and Foreign Languages. They took place at the Universities of: 1. Mainz, 2. Munich, 3. Tokyo (Imperial University obtaining scholarship 2 years) and 4. Hamburg. Among the language studies also Asiatic Languages with picto- and ideographie writing systems like Chinese and Japanese were added. For the Japanese Language a "swearing in" as interpreter and translator at the Interior Department of the Hamburg City Govemment since 1960 is still valid up to the present time. To obtain better feeling- and sensoric-abilities understanding invisible streamings and flux of power motions, a 40 year motor flying practice as private pilot and Water Sailing/Yachting since student times served.

Professional Activities:

Lector at Tokyo-University and translator for Japanese in the Patent Department of a machine factory. Continuing a full time job as scientist from 1971 until 1993 with the "Institut f?r Informatik" (Computer Science) of the University of Stuttgart. Before, during and after this period, up to ten years research intervals, staying abroad, were added. In the United States more than one year, up to eight years in the Par East, mostly Japan, but also areas in China, East Siberia, Australia and Tasmania.

The two main goals of the author:

  1. A new space drive device with no mass consumption, called Shoobdrullerand.
  2. A "Universal Official Language" for the EU, in the shape of a rationalized English, with an "18 Letter Latin Alphabet" arid a "100 % Phonographic Spell/Orthography"which has the chance to become our "WorldLanguage", see author's "ISBN List", available in each book shop worldwide.