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Leonardo Bosi
local time: 2023-09-22 18:15 (+01:00 )
Leonardo Bosi (About)
World Science Database Profile
Age: 76

Leonardo BOSI is the author of 100 publications by a large international, concerning the physics of crystals with impurities sostituzionali and color centers, the radio, the positron, the electron solvation, the electronic noise 1 / f, applied medical physics, and concerning fundamental issues of Physics and Theoretical Physics, with innovative theoretical approaches (stochastic electrodynamics).

A series of publications concerning the Teaching Methods of Physics (for which in 1980 he received official recognition as the Special Prize of the Italian Society of Physics).

Some major successes in terms of acquisitions, have been recognized by the international scientific community, in particular in the literature is now talk of:

  • Bosi theory to predict the melting temperature of ionic crystals
  • Bosi-Nimis method to predict the configuration on-and off-center for sostituzionali ions and color centers in ionic crystals.

In the past (1968) introduced the technique to experimental single photon to measure the time decay of color centers: Most publications to test was obtained with this technique.

In 2002 brought a decisive contribution to solving the problem of neutrino mass by providing a new interpretation of the experimental data in the literature based on stochastic dell'elettrodinamica.

Very recently (2006-7) has produced a series of publications is described in which the achievement of a key acquisition: the explanation, after 80 years of unsuccessful attempts involving hundreds of articles in the literature, the origin of the phenomenon of noise 1 / f in semiconductors. The success was achieved once again through the use of the principles dell'elettrodinamica stochastic: in this way has also been given a new proof of the existence of the field zero point, thus opening new scenarios for the Modern Physics.

Work also contributes to the publication of articles on famous international journals.

He was rapporteur (and chairman) in National and International Congresses.