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Evgenij Vladimirovich Rudikov
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Evgenij Vladimirovich Rudikov (Abstracts)
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  • Approaches to Explain Particle Mass Spectra (2012) [Updated 8 years ago]

    In the article is given explanation to the mass spectrum of elementary particles under the theory of the six-dimensional space-time with the group GL(6,R) x GL(6,R). It has been shown that the ratio of the particle mass to the mass of a fundamental object has a physical meaning. A connection of space-time and dynamic symmetries with members of functional series of operations has been demonstrated. Among other things analogies has been drawn between the approach suggested in the article and the superstring theory.

  • Link of Physical Constants with Space Geometry R6(3,3) (2011) [Updated 9 years ago]

    In the article is suggested interpretation of several constants both from the point of view of their physical meaning and from the point of view of space geometry of space-time R6(3,3). Mathematical and visual interpretation of constants is given. Conditional space-time construction in the framework of suggested approach is described.

  • Asymmetric Electrodynamic System: Displacement Opportunities (2010) [Updated 3 years ago]

    In the article was scrutinized an elementary asymmetric electrodynamic system (AES). existence of such systems directly follows from the dual field theory based on the hexa-dimensional space-time . Let us note that the said theory operates the direct product of the coordinate and the impulse spaces with the symmetry group R6(3,3). Let us note that the said theory operates the direct product of the coordinate and the impulse spaces R6(3,3) x (R6(3,3))* with the symmetry group GL(6,R)x(GL(6,R))* . It is shown in the paper that existence of systems of this kind is a consequence of the renowned No ether theorem on connection of space-time symmetries with the conservation laws for an arbitrary physical system. In view of existence of such connection there is an opportunity to influence at the account of one of the conserved quantities, for instance, of the moment of impulse or charge, another preserved quantity, for instance, the energy impulse. Change of the energy impulse will lead to occurrence of the force acting on the system and, consequently, to displacement of such system. For a physical in which an electric charge is used as an oscillating physical quantity is applied a term ?asymmetric electrodynamic system?. Direct in the article is analyzed a case of change of the energy impulse as well as is scrutinized a problem of influence of an asymmetric electrodynamic system on the flow of time in its immediate proximity, which in its turn is reflected on characteristics of electromagnetic emission and the velocity of propagation of electromagnetic oscillations. Further in the article are cited several possible schedules of asymmetric electrodynamic systems. Let us mention that the experimental proof of the given theoretical arguments will allow to use the systems of such kind in various engineering devices by designing aircraft.

  • One Approach to the Problem of Fundamental Interactions (2009) [Updated 9 years ago]

    This article considers one approach to the problem of fundamental interactions based in six-dimensional space-time. It is supposed that space-time consists of elementary particles described by the Maxwell Equations. Every elementary particle corresponds to a specific term in the equation and possesses the implied conservation law. The interaction of elementary particles is described and a series of functional actions is constructed. The sixth term in the series of functional actions is the most important as it determines the dimensionality of observable space-time. It is proven that the first term in the series of actions represents Maxwell electrodynamics and the second term represents the Yang-Mills field.