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Mike Johnson
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Mike Johnson (Abstracts)
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  • An Ants-Eye View of Quantum Mechanics (1998) [Updated 1 decade ago]

    Quantum physics presents mind-boggling mysteries; the apparent indeterminacy of particle characteristics until they are observed, and the apparent faster-than-light communication between distant pairs of particles when either partner is observed. These phenomena seem to be counterintuitive and are very difficult to conceive. As an aid to picturing this strange universe, we consider a simple analogy - ants living in a Mobius space, studying their subatomic, cointron, particles. Cointrons are minute spinning coin like particles. Their head/tail ?spin? characteristics are indeterminate until they are stopped (observed). The nature of the Mobius space permits a simple visualization of faster-than-light "communication" between particle pairs. This model suggests that our quantum quandary may result from the limitations of our senses in interpreting events occurring in a higher dimensional reality.