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Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
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Dr. Joseph P. Farrell Books

View count: 675
by Joseph P. Farrell

Pages: 360
Publisher: Feral House
Year: 2009
ISBN: 1932595406
ISBN: 978-1932595406

Prolific author Joseph P. Farrell, who commands a growing and devoted audience on Coast to Coast AM, Erskine Overnight, and other programs, initiates his Feral House association with The Philosopher's Stone, in which he demonstrates the connections of modern physics and ancient alchemy by investigating monatomic gold, the work of Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev, and the fuel for the mysterious Nazi "Bell" device, Serum 525.

Farrell's previous books investigated the scientific and astronomical implications of ancient monuments and the secret space operations of the Nazis who were brought into NASA to continue their highly classified research as a result of "Operation Paperclip." The author is now working with best-selling authors Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara on a book about secret American space programs.


  • The alchemical view of the physical medium
  • Transmutations and time
  • David Hudson's Monatomic Gold
  • The Platinum Group Metals and High Spin State Atoms
  • An Alchemical Examination of the Soviet Red Mercury Legend
  • The Physics of Rotation: Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev
  • H-Bombs and Torsion Physics
  • The Greater German Alchemical Reich
  • Nazis, Lasers, and Isotope Enrichment
  • The Bell and Serum 525

View count: 25391
by Joseph P. Farrell

Pages: 346
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
Year: 2008
ISBN: 1931882843
ISBN: 978-1931882842

"If you've been following Farrell's stunning series on Nazi secret research or are interested in the Philadelphia Experiment, you won't want to miss, and won't believe, this one! Secrets of the Unified Field draws the reader into an incredible vortex of suppressed technologies and forgotten science!" -- XXXX

Product Description

Farrell maintains that careful considerations of Einstein's celebrated and now discarded Unified Field Theory, and the breathtaking conclusions of wartime American and German scientists and engineers that, while an incomplete theory, it nevertheless was engineerable.