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Blair M. Cleveland
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Blair M. Cleveland (Abstracts)
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  • Electromagnetic Radiation Experiments with Transmitting, Contra-Wound Toroidal Coils (2011) [Updated 4 years ago]

    Except for Quantum Electrodynamics, there has been no real extension of Maxwell’s classical electromagnetic (EM) field theory since his electromagnetic EM field equations were developed in 1864. These equations describe the behavior of vector fields of low (U1) Lie group symmetry. In this respect, Terence W. Barrett has used topology, group and gauge theory, to extend Maxwell theory into tensor fields of higher symmetry form: SU (2), SU (3), and higher, that describe the behavior of specially conditioned EM fields. One of Barrett’s ways of emitting SU(2) EM fields was driving alternating current through toroidal coils at any of the resonant frequencies that will occur for a specific toroid geometry. Experiments to explore the possibility of achieving such resonant frequencies and SU(2) EM emissions will be described.

  • Gravity modification experiment using a rotating superconducting disk and radio frequency fields (2003) [Updated 4 years ago]
    by George D. Hathaway, Blair M. Cleveland   read the paper:

    An experiment is described which attempts to replicate the results of Podkletnov et al. concerning an alleged detection of a gravity-like force above a spinning superconductor. The experiment is based on Podkletnov’s published descriptions plus personal communications but found no evidence of a gravity-like force to the limits of the apparatus sensitivity. A full description of the apparatus and operation is given.

  • Electromagnetic Propulsion via a Vacuum-Interactance Push (1998) [Updated 5 years ago]
    by Blair M. Cleveland   read the paper:

    Cleveland's paper won first place in the Electric Spacecraft Journal competition for innovative concepts in electric propulsion. [Electric Spacecraft Journal Issue No. 24 , 1998]

    The “Lorentz force” equation is missing a force term proportional to the rate of change of electromagnetic momentum density carried by the Poynting vector-flux E x B. An abruptly pulsed crossed-field device (non-radiating) is proposed to interact with the “vacuum-medium” thereby creating an action-reaction propulsive force (push) which can be utilized for transportation means.

  • Simple pulsed ignition coil circuit for the production of high-voltages (1986) [Updated 4 years ago]
    by Blair M. Cleveland   read the paper:

    An inexpensive, simple, but reliable high-voltage circuit utilizing a car ignition coil may be constructed using the following figures. One interesting application of the circuit is the creation of a "plasma-display" by connecting the HV source to the terminal of a clear glass incandescent light bulb.

    Tesla Coil Builders Association, TCBA News, pg 16, Vol 5, No. 4, 1986