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Prof. Francis E. Nipher
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Prof. Francis E. Nipher Abstracts
  • Gravitation and Electrical Action (1993) [Updated 1 year ago]

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  • Gravitation and Electrical Action (1993) [Updated 1 year ago]

    Oliver Nicholson has graciously provided copies of little-known publications on the research of Dr. Francis E. Nipher. Dr. Nipher did experimental studies in the 1911 to 1920 period in an effort to find a connection between electricity and gravity. These studies were financed by the Carnegie Institution of Washington, DC. This work predated that of T. Townsend Brown and was known to him. The text of Dr. Nipher's work is herein presented verbatim (from Transactions of the Academy of Science of St. Louis, vol. XXIII, pp. 163-175, issued July 28, 1916) with annotation in the form of figures by Electric Spacecraft Journal.