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Boris V. Deryagin
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Boris V. Deryagin (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: May 16, 1994)
Interests: Cold Fusion Age: 91

Boris Vladimirovich Deryagin

On May 16 1994, a distinguished physicochemist, a Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Vtadimirovich Deryagin deceased at the age of 91. A whole epoch in the development of the physical chemistry of surface phenomena is associated with his name. Classical works on the theory of the stability of colloids and thin films of liquids brought him world-wide fame. B. V. Deryagin made a considerable contribution to the development of the theory of surface forces, diffusiophoresis, and thermoosmosis. Being a brilliant experimenter, he was the first to accomplish direct measurements of long-range molecular forces. The concept of disjoining pressure of thin interlayers and its various constituents introduced by B. V. Deryagin made it possible to pass from the two-dimensional Gibbs thermodynamics to three-dimensional thermodynamics of multiphase systems, which takes into account finite thicknesses and peculiar properties of interface layers.

While studying the processes of adhesion of solids, B. V. Deryagin discovered that disruption of an adhesion linkage results in the formation of fresh surfaces covered with oppositely charged dense layers, which leads to the appearance of electronic adhesion. The theory of the forces of the interaction of nonplanar surfaces, which was developed by B. V. Deryagin as early as in 1934 and found wide application, occupies a special place in tile science of colloids and surface phenomena. Under the leadership of B. V. Deryagin, a series of work on the synthesis of diamond at low pressures was begun in 1950. The development of experimental methods and theoretical views on the influence of atomic hydrogen on gasification of non-diamond forms of carbon enabled preparation of diamond from the gaseous phase on various supports. Single crystals and polycrystalline films of diamonds were produced.

Boris Vladimirovich left a great scientific heritage. More than a thousand of works were published; some monographs were published abroad. As a token of recognition of great merits of Prof. B. V. Deryagin, the Pergamon Press Publishers put out three volumes of his selected works. For his scientific activity, B. V. Deryagin was awarded the USSR State Prize and the Lomonosov Prize of the Academy of Sciences. For many years, B. V. Deryagin was the Head of the Division of Surface Phenomena of the Institute of Physical Chemist~ of the Academy of Sciences and the editor-in-chief of the Colloidal Chemistry journal, was a member of Editorial Boards of foreign and Russian Journals. He was a Full Member of the International Academy of Naturalists "Leopoldina" and of the New York Academy of Sciences. The uncommon talent of Boris Vladimirovich attracted to him many scientists who became his pupils and followers. The blessed memory of him will be preserved by many people who honored his talent and were fortunate to work together with him.