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Prof. Joe Alexander Nahhas
local time: 2023-09-21 09:27 (-04:00 DST)
Prof. Joe Alexander Nahhas (About)
World Science Database Profile
Nuclear Energy Researcher
Interests: New Nuclear Energy, Real Time Physics, Planetary Systems, Organized Academic-government-corporate Fraud Age: 62

Joe Nahhas

  • High School 1977
  • Founder Real time Physics
  • Discovered Real time physics as a Freshman physics Major in 1977
  • BS Physics, BS Education 1983
  • Electronics/Optics labs 1977-1983
  • Research 1980-1983 of three dimensional Planetary Models and three dimensional Nuclear Shell Models
  • 4-Semesters Mechanical Engineering 1983-1984; 2 Semesters Computer Programming 1986
  • MS Mathematics 1989
  • PHD Nuclear Engineer University of Michigan Ann Arbor 1990-1991 Expulsion/Forced Dropout. I rejected a theoretical PHD in Nuclear Engineering to model pipes fractures due to radiation like Sherynobol Nuclear accident scenarios and the human mistakes that followed. I wanted to detect what is real and what is "apparent" in the Nuclear and Atomic spectra and what is real and what are historical mistakes in the nuclear structure and - elementary particles searching for new "atomic-Nuclear" undiscovered design structures and finding ways to fission the entire heavy elements group of the chemical periodic table. I provided a proof that the Experimental proofs of modern Engineering/Physics labs work are based on Illusions Like the Reines-Cowan 1953 Neutrino experiment or the Chadwick's 1932 Neutron experiment or the cosmic Mu-Mesons Illusions. Also, I provided proofs that all of relativity experimental proofs are visual illusions and asked the department for back-up and dared them to prove me wrong or back me up. I ended up in a not civilized departure from the University of Michigan not because my work is not good enough or anyone could prove my work wrong but because the department chairs gave me the the pink slip for insisting on experimental and USA policy is no Foreign Born kids allowed in Experimental nuclear know how anything. This claim I just mentioned can be proven from the PHD dissertation subjects and National origin data of USA Universities Nuclear sciences graduates where the foreign students make at least 51 % of nuclear sciences students and 99 foreign born do theoretical and 99% "white" American are experimental know how nuclear sciences. I declined to continue because I care the less for theoretical anything physics. Most of theoretical Nuclear physics is silly, to say the least. Some of these articles below were to be used partially in my PHD dissertation "New Nuclear Energy Generation Methods"
  • Diploma Industrial Electricity 1992
  • Diploma Industrial Electronics 1994
  • Electrical Contractor 1992-2008

For 350 years physicists, astrophysicists, mathematicians and engineers and all others missed Kepler's Real time dependent solution that produced Newton's real time-dependent solution and these two new real time dependent solutions contained quantum mechanics as part of classical and deleted relativity theory in its entirety. Newton's- Kepler's real time dependent solutions explained relativistic effects as the difference between time dependent measurements (observer) and time independent measurements of moving objects (traveler) and in practice these two Mechanics equations explain relativistic as signal time delays or light aberrations visual effects. These New Newton's -Kepler's time dependent equations matched experimental results better than anything said or published in all of physics including 109 years of Nobel-prize winners physics and 400 years of astronomy. In 1973 I read relativity theory at age 15 along with Newton's-Kepler's ideas and found relativity theory is all wrong and also Newton's-Kepler's equations were solved in event time when I tried to make a real time Cartoon sketches of the progress of the Michelson and Morley experiment. In 1974 I realized that finding absolute motion in space is possible and a reference point or frame is not needed. In 1975 I learned to model visual effects and learned a lot about optics and light visual effects. In 1976 I learned that Newton's equations are wrong. I 1977 I found that all of physics is wrong because it is solved in event (past) time and I solved physics in real time and generated 1001 new real time physics formulas to change physics and the history of physics.

Famous quotes: If it does not fit in 3 dimensions, then it is not physics;meaning, Modern physics can be read from a physicist with Nobel Prize winner notes or your palm.