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Richard L. Hull
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Richard L. Hull Books

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by Richard L. Hull

Pages: 203
Publisher: Twenty First Century Books
Year: 1994
ISBN: 0963601229
ISBN: 978-0963601223

Websites: www.electricspacecraft.com

If you have read the Colorado Springs Notes (CSN) and been baffled by some of the entries or have had trouble relating them to your own efforts with Tesla coil construction, than this is the book for you. By reading along with the CSN and checking the author's annotations, you will soon see what Tesla's daily activities were all about, written in an understandable style. As a bonus, Hull gives details on how his group, the Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond, have verified many of Tesla's ideas and techniques, and incorporated them into their modern day oscillator designs. In addition, a fantastic set of photographs shows their various magnifier configurations in full action. The emphasis throughout this work is on the hands-on approach and not a lot of theoretical "pie-in-the-sky" machinations. It provides easy reading for the empirical investigator who wants to understand what Tesla actually accomplished in Colorado during the brilliant period of investigation that ran from May 1899 to January 1900.

As an historical guide to Tesla's work as described in the Colorado Springs Notes this book is without equal. The author's day-by-day analysis will be of great assistance reader of this sometimes puzzling volume. Written especially for the Tesla coil builder, The Guide shows the evolution of the magnifier system by comparing the original pioneering work with Mr. Hull's rediscovery of Tesla's nearly forgotten design principles. With this book, you will be carried back to the high Colorado plateaus and virtually look over the good doctor's shoulder as he performs his pioneering experiments. Also included are 37 original photos of contemporary coils and equipment. If you are interested in obtaining superior performance and efficiency from your next Tesla oscillator, this book is a must read.