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2nd International Symposium on New Energy

Dates: 1994-05-12 - 1994-05-15 9.9 (2 decades 8 years ago)

Where: Denver, CO, United States Venue: Denver Hilton South


Purpose: To bring together outstanding New Energy Researchers and their hardware, to share and discuss their latest research findings, to stimulate new research ideas, to coalesce researchers with industry, and to begin to attract major funding sources.

Live Presentions (Videos Available):

  • Dr. Harold Aspden, Magnetism and the Energy of Creation: The $64 Question:  What is the Energy Source? [pp 1-20]
  • Dr. Patrick G. Bailey, Other Voices:  A Summary of Research Not Present [pp 21-47]
  • Dr. Tom Bearden, Overunity Electrical Power Efficiency Using Energy Shuttling Between Two Circuits [pp 49-65]
  • Robert E. Beutlich, Multiple Dimensions of Time [pp 67-73]
  • Dr. Tim Binder, Walter Russell's Perspectives on Free Energy and the Russell Optical Dynamo Generator [pp 75-97]
  • Melvin Cobb & James J. Hurtak, The Energy Trimmer: An Energy Conservation Circuit [pp 99-107]
  • William J. Fogel, Charge Barrier Semiconductor Technology and Wave Function Bipolar Designs [pp 109-120]
  • Hal Fox, Cold Nuclear Fusion, Space Energy Devices, and Commercialization [pp 121-135]
  • Dr. Peter Graneau, Saving Us $1 Billion of Electricity Every Year [pp 137-150]
  • George D. Hathaway, Characterizing the Performance of Non-Conventional Electrical Machines Based on Power and Energy Measurements [pp 151-172]
  • James J. Hurtak & Alan Ames, The ALCON Levitation Technology: State of the Art and New Advances [pp 173-190]
  • John K. Hutchison, The Hutchison Effect Apparatus [pp 191-198]
  • Dr. Shiuji Inomata & Yoshiyuki Mita, Design Considerations for Superconducting Magnet N-Machine JPI-II [pp 199-218]
  • Ben Iverson, The New Paradigm of Science [pp 219-241]
  • Donald A. Kelly, The Gravity Drop Test Connection to Space Energy Conversion [pp 243-256]
  • Dr. Moray B. King, Vacuum Energy Vortices [pp 257-269]
  • Ronald J. Kovac, Motion of Plasma as a Source of New Energy and Matter Transformation:  Empirical Results [pp 271-281]
  • Dr. Win Lambertson, History and Status of the WIN Process [pp 283-288]
  • Kenneth MacNeill, An Overview of Several Potential Free Energy Devices [pp 289-298]
  • Dr. Stefan Marinov, The Wrong Lorentz-Grassmann Equation, The Right Lorentz-Marinov Equation, the Discovery of the Scalar Magnetic Field and of the Self-Accelerating Generator "SIBERIAN COLIU" in which Not Back but Forth Electric Tension is Induced [pp 299-320]
  • William G. McMurtry, The Adams Pulsed Electric Motor Generator [pp 321-329]
  • Andrew Michrowski, Politics of Clean Energy [pp 331-338]
  • Dr. Brian O'Leary, Green Power: The Coming Free Energy Revolution and the Return to Eden [pp 339-358]
  • Dale Pond, The Keely Motor - How It Works [pp 359-371]
  • Dr. Harold E. Puthoff, Alternative Energy Sources:  Good News / Bad News and "The 1 Watt Challenge" [pp 373-380]
  • Bill Ramsay, Exploring the Aethers:  Adventures Inspired by Hodowanec Discoveries [pp 381-401]
  • Walter L. Rosenthal, Apparatus and Techniques for Energy Machine Waveform Acquisition [pp 403-408]
  • Paramahamsa Tewari, Generation of AC and DC Power from Space Power Generators [pp 409-420]
  • John Thomas, The Technology of Prof. John R. R. Searl [pp 421-433]
  • Michael Watson, Construction of Floyd A. Sweet's VTA [pp 435-444]
  • Dennis Weaver, Ecolonomics:  Fusion of Ecology and Economics [pp 445-450]
  • George H. Wiseman, The Energy Conserver Method [pp 451-465]
Absentia Papers (No Videos):
  • Prof. Jorge C. Cur?, On a Probable Quantum Electrodynamic Explanation of Cold Fusion or Quantum Nuclear Chemistry [pp 503-510]
  • Roy E. Graham Jr., "Over Unity" Devices - They're Real [pp 511-514]
  • Ashley Gray, Experimental Analysis of the Adams Pulsed Motor - Generator [pp 515-524]
  • Sepp Hasslberger, Dynamic Hydropower: The "Suction Turbine" or "Jet Turbine" of Viktor Schauberger [pp 525-536]
  • Paul R. Jensen, Examination and Analysis of the Series Resonant LC Circuit [pp 537-543]
  • Paul R. Jensen, The Unidirectional Transformer [pp 545-549]
  • Dr. Henry C. Monteith, The Monopole Basis of Electro-Gravity [pp 551-565]
  • Akira Nagaya, Timetron [pp 567-584]
  • Donald Reed, The Beltrami Field as Archetypal Vortex Topology  [pp 585-608]
  • Norman Silliman, Physicists Dilemma: Action at a Distance [pp 609-620]
  • Rollo Silver, Analysis of an Electrical Switching Circuit [pp 621-629]
  • Floyd A. Sweet, Nothing is Something:  The Theory and Operation of a Phase-Conjugated Vacuum Triode [pp 631-644]

Video Presentations: