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The Nature of Light: What Are Photons?

Dates: 2009-08-02 - 2009-08-06 9.9 (1 decade 2 years ago)

Where: San Diego, CA, United States Venue: San Diego Convention Center


This year I have significantly broadened the topic to attract wide participation. This conference is held under the mainstream optical engineering society, SPIE. So, we are governed by the rules and standards of SPIE. We have been attracting scientific papers with concepts and experiments that do not consider ?wave-particle duality? is a resolved issue. Serious scientific papers considering ?ether? (cosmic space as a real medium) will be considered as long as the key focus is on elucidating the nature of light. Please, read the large number of sub-topics and the thought provoking (idea generating) questions raised in the announcement to evaluate whether you would be interested in submitting paper(s). The guide lines for acceptance of papers for this conference are also thoroughly described in the attached announcement. We do not consider this conference to be ?dissident? or ?alternate?. This is a regular scientific/engineering conference nurturing thinking in all possible ways. Our basic belief is: All theories are necessarily incomplete and must be repeatedly re-evaluated since they are always constructed based on incomplete information of the universe.