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Foundations of Mathematics & Physics in the 20th Century: The Rejection of Intuition

Date: 1989-01-01 Time: 00:00 9.9 (3 decades 5 years ago)

Where: Perugia, Italy Venue:


This book presents 26 papers concerning important fundamental questions in mathematics and physics. Is a line a continuum or a dense set of points? Is space empty or does it contain an ether? Is the ether a sea of virtual particles or a gravitational field? Does quantum theory say nature is actually unpredictable? Can alternative logics resolve paradoxes in physics? Are the space-time ideas of relativity tenable? Can absolute velocities be measured? Can conservation of energy be violated? Why are gravitational and inertial masses equal? Does mass really change with velocity? The authors do not agree with each other. Some accept relativity, while others say it is wrong. The observed force between suspended antennas and the results of many other experiments contradict Maxwell theory and special relativity and are predicted by classical Weber electrodynamics. Some claim quantum behavior is intrinsically unpredictable; while others claim microphysical reality and suggest crucial experiments to prove their point. There is a claim to having observed cold nuclear fusion in a spark discharge. There is a claim to having violated the conservation of momentum and energy experimentally. The Weber potential (so successful in electrodynamics) when applied to gravitation predicts the mass-times-acceleration force as an induction force due to the far mass in the universe, verifying Mach?s principle and proving the identity of gravitational and inertial mass. A unipolar device is described that is supposed to extract energy from space. The Weber potential also predicts the result of the Kaufmann-Bucherer experiments; so mass may not, in fact, vary with velocity. This book presents some new important concrete results. It may not provide the reader with the particular answers he seeks; but many of the important fundamental questions are presented; and it provides a gold mine of references to facilitate the search for further answers.