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100 Year Starship 2012 Public Symposium

Dates: 2013-09-19 - 2013-09-22 9.9 (9 years 10 months ago)

Where: Houston, TX, United States Venue:


100 Year Starship invites you to participate in the journey of a lifetime! On this mission, everyone has a seat ? Thought leaders, experts, trendsetters, space advocates and space enthusiasts, international space agencies, established businesses and start-ups, financiers and entrepreneurs, governmental and non-governmental agencies, universities and private industries, including entertainment, medicine, education, the arts and athletics ? and, of course, the general public. You are all invited to join us on a journey to improve our world today as we explore the challenge, benefits, potentially enabling technologies, strategies and awesome potential of interstellar flight to another solar (star) system.

From exotic propulsion systems, exo-planets and ?where do we go?? to the social, economic and cultural considerations of ?why or should we go?? there?s a technical or academic session just for you. In addition, workshops, classes, networking venues, the Expo, entertainment, celebrities, speakers and guests will enhance your experience and ensure that you have an opportunity to consider and contribute to the wide range of space and related topics needed to chart the research, design, development, policy, outreach and aspirational activities from which long-distance space travel will be generated.