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Jan Olof Jonson
XX International Conference

Dates: 2012-10-04 - 2012-10-05 9.9 (1 decade 7 months ago)

Where: Russia Venue:


  1. Osnovnye research areas of the conference:
    1. General theoretical cyclology.
      1. Tsiklologiya, problems of methodology. Structural logic cyclology interaction with other sciences.
      2. Philosophical and religious aspects cyclology.
      3. Informatsionno cyclology-energy aspects, the relationship cyclology with systems theory, information and management.
      4. Anomalnye phenomena in nature and society.
    2. Science. Subject cyclology.
      1. Mathematics, the golden proportion, symmetry and harmony.
      2. Physical cycles.
      3. Chemical cycles.
      4. Biological cycles.
      5. Biotsikly in medicine.
      6. Astronomical cycles.
      7. Geological cycles.
      8. Tsikly in meteorology.
      9. Cycles in social science.
    3. Cycles of social systems.
      1. Cycles in economics and sociology.
      2. Cyclical in politics and law.
      3. Cycles in psychology and pedagogy.
      4. Cyclical in Culture.
  2. Participation in the conference Invited to the conference SRI specialists from foreign countries and the Russian Federation, university professors, doctoral students, graduate students, and all persons having an interest in the issues at hand.
  3. Requirements for publication of conference materials. For the publication of the text in the works of the conference should submit it to the electronic and paper formats. It must be verified and signed by the author and the supervisor (for graduate students). Each publication should have an expert opinion on the possibility of publication The report shall be marked relevance of research, goals, objectives, methodological basis of research, the results (outputs) of the study. The article should be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 30 words. Papers should be typed in Microsoft Word version of the product 1997 - 2003, GG, font Times New Roman, size 14, indent - 1 cm, line spacing - Bastard. The file name must contain the name of the first author. Author's name is indicated immediately below the title (Appendix 1). References are given in brackets in the text (from [1]), for example, [1 - 3] or [1, 2]. References entitled, in alphabetical order, is provided at the end of the article and should be titled: Literature. If the author uses regulations, abstracts of theses and dissertations, the list should be titled: References and sources. References made in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003