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Third International Conference on Future Energy

Dates: 2009-10-09 - 2009-10-10 9.9 (1 decade 4 years ago)

Where: Washington, DC, United States Venue: Washington Hilton Hotel


Invited speakers:

  • Joe Firmage (CEO of ManyOne Networks, world famous entrepreneur, founding sponsor of the Carl Sagan Foundation and sponsor of energy and physics technologies)
  • Secretary General Robson Mello, UN Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization (IREO)
  • Dr. George Miley, University of Illinois, Dir. Fusion Studies Lab
    Dr. Jerome Glenn, United Nations Millenium Project
  • Jim Dunn (retired NASA Center for Technology Commercialization)
  • Edward Esko, Quantum Rabbit (solar photovoltaics, algae biofuel)
  • Dr. Ray Sedwick, U of MD, Electrostatic Confinement Fusion
  • Dave Goldstein, President, Electric Vehicles Association of Greater Washington DC
  • Dr. James Bare, Rife Technologies (bioelectromagnetics patent holder and inventor)
  • Eric Lerner, Director of Lawrenceville Plasma Fusion Lab, Focus Fusion (recently capitalized to over a million dollars)
  • Dr. Tom Valone (Advanced Energy Concepts, COFE 10-year Anniversary history)
  • Larry Ott (Geothermal homesteader - details of how to do it)
  • Dr. Thorsten Ludwig (Casimir force physicist, New Energy Technologies, Berlin, Germany)
  • Wayne Miller, CEO, Denali Fiduciary Mgmt. (New energy investment expert advisor)
  • David Froning (Faster than light theoretician, simulator and zero point energy physicist from Australia)
  • Robert Wagner, MD, ProloTherapy, Capital Spine and Pain Centers
  • Moray King, electrical and systems engineer, author of books on T. Henry Moray, zero point energy
  • Dr. Jordan Maclay, Professor Emeritus, physicist, zero point energy expert, first recipient of a NASA grant for studying Casimir force
  • Dr. Glen Rein, Quantum Biology Research Lab, Bioenergy expert, widely published, measures effects on DNA

Full day, a buffet award banquet and keynote speaker, followed by parallel sessions on the second day. Exhibit areas will feature many renewable energy and emerging energy technologies.