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Michael Meade Steinbacher
Plasma Catastrophism Geology Tour

Dates: 2012-07-29 - 2012-08-11 9.9 (1 decade 1 year ago)

Where: Albuquerque, NM, United States Venue: The great outdoors, man


Legends from around the world point to global cataclysms in Neolithic times. There would have been consequences: "sloshing" of oceans, sedimentation of "slurry", melting of basalt layers in place, mountain-size "dunes" that become lithified electrically, coal layers. Michael Steinbacher will guide a tour to view likely features of such events. A caravan will visit sites in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. And we're flexible. People can join us for just one day, several days, or for the whole tour. We'll be happy to help with logistics.

There is no charge for the tour, but people will need to cover their own expenses. We plan to stay at inexpensive lodgings, hostels in many places, and generally keep costs low. Mel, Andreas and Michael are renting a 4 wheel drive, and may have room for one more. 4 wheel rentals are available in Albuquerque at about $490 for two weeks for a Toyota Rav 4 (www.Hotwire.com).

For further details, contact Michael Steinbacher at (305) 300-6802 or steinbac@ix.netcom.com, or Andreas Otte.

Day to Day overview, subject to change:

  1. Sunday, 29 July.
    • Leave Albuquerque
    • Sandia Peak (tram ride)
    • Los Alamos Crater
    • Carson National Forest
    • Sleep at Taos Hostel
  2. Monday, 30 July.
    • Open Pit Mine
    • No Aqua Peak
    • Grand Dunes Park
    • Sleep at Salida Hostel
  3. Tuesday, 31 July.
    • Canon City: Dune Mountains
    • Gorge Park
    • Pike National Forest
    • Sleep at Salida Hostel
  4. Wednesday, 1 August.
    • Black Canyon of the Gunnison
    • Marble Mine
    • Aspen
    • Sleep at Leadville Hostel
  5. Thursday, 2 August.
    • Moly Mine Leadville Train tunnel
    • View into the mountain
    • Fraser Rocky Mountain National Park
    • View of basalt dunes
    • Arapao National Forest
    • Sleep at Fraser Hostel
  6. Friday, 3 August.
    • Glenwood Springs (Book Cliffs)
    • Hogback
    • Rifle Grand Mesa
    • Palisade Cameo Mine
    • Grand Junction
    • Sleep at Econo Lodge Grand Junction
  7. Saturday, 4 August.
    • NW of Grand Junction
    • Book Cliffs
    • S of Grand Junction
    • Moab Valley Arches National Park (Dino Tracts)
    • S of Christmas Ridge
    • Sleep at Moab Hostel
  8. Sunday, 5 August.
    • "Crazy Canyon"
    • Mount Elliot (Petroglyphs)
    • Price Road
    • Price Cedar Ridge
    • Directionality Canyon (Petroglyths)
    • Cides Mountain (Strange Ridge)
    • Sleep at Moab Hostel
  9. Monday, 6 August.
    • Around Durango Shiprock
    • Sleep at Moab Hostel
  10. Tuesday, 7 August. Slurry
    • Canyonlands National park Great view of Monument Valley, or
    • Visit Capitol Reef
    • Sleep at Royal Inn & Suites, Kanab
  11. Wednesday, 8 August.
    • Grand Canyon North Rim Marble Canyon
    • Sleep at Grand Canyon International Hostel, Flagstaff
  12. Thursday, 9 August.
    • Flagstaff
    • Volcanics Grants Basalt
    • Back to Albuquerque