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Robert M. Kiehn
A Topological Thermodynamic Basis for the Cosmological Aether

Date: 2012-09-22 Time: 07:00 - 09:00 US/Pacific (1 decade 1 year ago)
America/Los Angeles: 2012-09-22 07:00 (DST)
America/New York: 2012-09-22 10:00 (DST)
America/Sao Paulo: 2012-09-22 11:00
Europe/London: 2012-09-22 14:00
Asia/Colombo: 2012-09-22 19:30
Australia/Sydney: 2012-09-23 01:00 (DST)

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In this essay the topological properties of thermodynamics are used to derive a topological equation of state in 4 topological dimensions. The equation of state corresponds to an Open thermodynamic environment (the Cosmological Aether) that permits local exchange of both particles (mass) and waves (radiation). For dilute systems near the critical point, the cubic factor in the equation of state is homeomorphic to a van der Waals gas.